Elden Ring Fell Twins Boss Guide

The Fell Twins are one of the field bosses of Elden Ring and an optional encounter for players who want...

The Fell Twins are one of the field bosses of Elden Ring and an optional encounter for players who want to get hold of some bonus rewards. The following guide will explain where to find and defeat the Fell Twins in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring Fell Twins Location

As you advance the extension of the Divine Tower of East Altus, your screen will go dim and you’ll be confronted with a surprising field-less supervisor battle against Fell Twins.

One twin is substantially more forceful, yet that is something worth being thankful for on the grounds that it distances him from the other, permitting you to overcome them each in turn. Be that as it may, assuming you really want further assistance isolating them, Spirit Ashes ought to assist with delaying.

All alone, the Twins hit hard. That however can be effortlessly managed on account of obviously broadcast assaults. However, this is an optional boss but defeating it will reward you with useful items and extra runes.

The Fell Twins are found on the Capital Outskirts. Not at all like the greater part of the Outskirts, you’ll have to travel across most of the city to find them. Except if you run into helpful messages, you’ll botch into them without acknowledging it.

The Fell Twins are located along the path to the Forbidden Lands and can be found by crossing the bridge that goes through Divine Tower of East Atlus after you’ve killed Morgott.

You will reach the Avenue Balcony Site of Grace in the city center on the ground level while going through Leyndell. Go up the steps close to the Site of Grace to the fundamental lane.

Toward your right is a goliath entryway safeguarded by watches; on your left side is a long, void road where, prior, you might have battled an Erdtree Avatar. Run left, right down the road, until you track down a couple of harmless swinging doors. You can open these entryways manually.

Follow the way past. It’s a piece extensive and loaded up with adversaries, yet entirely not so troublesome. Your objective is a huge, elaborate lift that will take you up onto the dividers encompassing the city.

Continue until you track down a lift. This will bring you down and into the Forbidden Lands. Disregard the lift and go out the second entryway in the lift’s pinnacle. Just keep moving ahead and you’ll find the Fell Twins.

How to Defeat Fell Twins in Elden Ring

You can’t defeat both of them at the same time. The best course of action is to separate both of them and split their strength.

Target one of the twins from range and simply kite them all across the field when they get closer. Remember to set your camera in a way that both bosses are visible to you. Otherwise, there’s a chance that they’ll box you in when you’re not looking.

Again, keep hitting one of the twins and backtrack once the second twin comes close. Wait until one of the twins falls before going all-in on the second.

Defeating them will make net you 29,000 runes and OmenKiller Rollo Ashes.

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