How To Get Errant Sorcerer Set In Elden Ring 

In Elden Ring, there are many different armor sets, each meant for a different build. The Errant Sorcerer Set is one such set.

Errant Sorcerer Set is an Armor Set consisting of four items found in Elden Ring that is best worn by magic builds. This armor set originally belonged to the Errant Sorceror Wilhelm, who was a prisoner in Roundtable Hold and shows up as an enemy in Leyndell, Royal Capital. 

The set consists of four items which are mentioned as follows: 

  • Errant Sorceror Manchettes: bilateral gauntlets that provide magical defenses. 
  • Hierodas Glintstone Crown: a helm possessing defensive properties that increases Endurance and Intelligence Attributes. 
  • Errant Sorcerer Boots: leather boots that also provide magical defensive properties. 
  • Errant Sorcerer Robe: a set of robes that occupies the torso armor slot and increases Resistance and Defense. 

The full set weighs a total 11.3 units which means you can wear it without hindering your mobility. This set is a great option in terms of Damage Negation and Resistance or can be acquired just for the sake of cosmetic purposes. 

To add this set to their inventory, players must know the exact location of each item in the set which will be described in this guide. 

Errant Sorcerer Set location in Elden Ring  

The four pieces of the Errant Sorcerer Set are not found altogether. Instead, you need to loot two different corpses to get all four items and complete the set.

Luckily, both of these corpses are found in the dilapidated Hermit Village of Mt Gelmir, located southeast of the Volcano Manor. 

Three items of the Errant Sorcerer Set i.e., the Errant Sorcerer Boots, the Errant Sorcerer Robe, and the Errant Sorcerer Manchettes are found on a single dead body in the Altus Plateau.

To find this dead body, go to the Hermit Village first and then start traveling northwest till you reach the point marked on the map. You will find the corpse in this shack and loot it for the three above-mentioned items. 

Where to find the Errant Sorcerer Set in Elden Ring

The fourth item left in the Errant Socerer Set is the helm known as Hierodas Glintstone Crown for which you need to loot another dead body.

To obtain this helm, exit the house and travel south till you reach the house at the very end. Look behind this house and you will see a corpse that possesses this crown. 

Another thing to note here is that the Errant Sorcerer Robe can also be altered to provide it with a new look. This armor set scales best with Faith builds.

As such, it is perfect for the Confessor or Prophet class who have scythes as their primary weapons. Arcane and Vigor builds who mainly deal Bloodloss damage will also benefit well from this set. 

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