Best Place To Farm Erdleaf Flower In Elden Ring

In Elden Ring, Erdleaf Flowers are used to create several items including the Furlcalling Finger Remedy. Here is how to farm them!

In Elden Ring, The Erdleaf Flower is a consumable item you can use to craft several items, including the much-needed Furlcalling Finger Remedy, which allows you to partake in Multiplayer activities.

If you are looking for a continuous multiplayer experience, knowing the best farming locations for Erdleaf Flower is vital. In this guide, we’ll explore all the places where you can farm this item.

Best Erdleaf farming locations in Elden Ring 

The Erdleaf flower is very simple to farm in Elden Ring. There is a total of 4 areas that you can visit to farm multiple Erdleaf flowers. Additionally, most of these areas are unmarked by any kind of enemies, so you must get there and explore the surroundings. Before we begin it is important to note that this item is completely different from a Faded Erdleaf Flower. They can not be used interchangeably. Furthermore, Erdleaf flowers can not be purchased.

The Four Belfries 

Erdleaf The Four Belfries in Elden Ring

If you are looking to farm Erdleaf Flower without going from one place to another, then the Four Belfries, located in the Limgrave region, is your best bet. The farming here is so simple that you just have to move around the Site of Grace to collect a total of 4 Erdleaf Flowers. 

Start your collection by moving left toward the cliff to collect three Erdleaf flowers, while one can be collected from the right side next to the tower near the blue lily flowers.  

This area is a great place for early game farming as it is devoid of any hard enemies and resides near where you start the game.

Agheel Lake North

Erdleaf Agheel Lake North in Elden Ring

Another exciting place to visit in Elden Ring for Erdleaf Flower farming is next to the Agheel Lake North Site of Grace. You can fast-travel to this location, and take a few steps east toward the cliff.

You will need to go into a small area bounded by stone swords. At this site, you can add three more Erdleaf Flowers to your inventory. 

Castle Morne Rampart 

Erdleaf location in Castle Morne Rampart in Elden Ring

However, those not looking for trouble can simply use their mount to ride between the two Sites of Grace to farm a total of 5 Erdleaf Flowers in Elden Ring.

The directions are pretty simple, as you just have to ensure that you pass through the yellowish-looking flowers on the ground while riding from one site to the other. 

South of the Lookout Tower 

The last farming location for Erdleaf Flower falls next to the Bridge of Sacrifice area in Elden Ring. To collect the Erdleaf Flowers, you need to move down the cliff from the Site of Grace. Here you will find one flower, and the other can be obtained by riding toward the top of the cliff.

You can farm up to 3 Erdleaf Flowers in this destination. These will be quite a few in number, but the advantage of Site of Grace makes farming much more effortless. 

Do Erdleaf Flowers respawn in Elden Ring? 

Every time you rest at the Site of Grace, Erdleaf Flowers will respawn to be picked again in Elden Ring.

Additionally, all the sites mentioned above for farming are next to different Grace Sites. So, after picking the flowers, you just have to rest at the site, and the Erdleaf Flower will respawn.

You can get tons of Erdleaf Flowers within a few minutes of farming but remember the maximum number of Erdleaf Flowers you can hold in Elden Ring is 999.

You can even sell these flowers for 10 Runes, to free up some space and get some runes in the process. 

Moreover, the Erdleaf Flower is used for the crafting of these items: 

  • Furlcalling Finger Remedy 
  • Grace Mimic 
  • Warming Stone

Can you drop Erdtree flowers in Elden Ring?

If you’re playing with a friend who’s just started his journey in the Lands Between, you can drop any extra Erdtree flowers you may have, while you’re engaged in a co-op session.

Simply open up your inventory, find the Erdtree flower, and select the ‘Leave’ option. Make sure you don’t select the discard option as this will delete the item from your inventory without any benefit to either player.

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