Elden Ring End Game Builds Guide

In the final phases of the Elden Ring, you will face some of the strongest bosses in the game. To take out these bosses easily, you will need some strong builds. This guide will tell you about two of the best End Game builds in Elden Ring to finish this game without much trouble

Elden Ring End Game Builds

The end game of Elden Ring will make the game more difficult as you will come across harder enemies. These enemies will not hesitate to perform attacks after attacks and make you rage quit the game.

Below, we have listed TWO end game builds with the perfect combination of equipment that we think will work best for you:

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Black Fire End Game Build

Class: Prophet

Flask Usage: Mostly HP

Weapon: Godslayer’s Greatsword and Godslayer’s Seal

Armor: Ruler’s Mask and Mausoleum Knight Set

Talismans: Radagon’s Icon, Dragoncrest Greatshield, Great-Jar’s Arsenal

Spells: Golden Vow, Black Flame, Grant Me Strength

Stats: Faith, Intelligence, Mind (Primary) and Vigor, Dexterity (Secondary)

Death Warrior End Game Build

Class: Warrior

Flask Spread: Mostly HP

Weapon: Death’s Poker

Armor: Ruler’s Mask and Mausoleum Knight Set

Talismans: Warrior Jar Shard, Magic Scorpion Charm, Shard of AlexanderCarian Filigreed Crest

Skills: Golden Vow

Stats: Intelligence, Vigor (Primary) and Mind, Strength, Arcane (Secondary)

Best Class for End Game Builds

You should make Black Fire End Game build using the Prophet Class because you’ll be getting very decent Mind, Faith, and Intelligence stats from the beginning, allowing you to focus on other aspects of the build.

We will use a Warrior class with Intelligence and Vigor as the primary stats for the Death Warrior End Game build. You can also use other classes of your choice for this build.

Best Stats for End Game Builds

The Black Fire End Game build will focus on flame damage, which is considered the top meta build of the game. We will use Faith, Intelligence, and Mind stats as the primary ones and invest the most points in them.

The secondary stats that you should focus on are Vigor and Dexterity. The points you will be investing in this build are given below.

  • Vigor: 50
  • Mind: 44
  • Endurance: 24
  • Strength: 21
  • Dexterity: 30
  • Intelligence: 75
  • Faith: 30
  • Arcane: 15

For Death Warrior End Game build, Intelligence and Vigor are the primary stats you will be investing your points in. The details of the stats can be seen below as well.

  • Vigor: 50
  • Mind: 44
  • Endurance: 24
  • Strength: 30
  • Dexterity: 21
  • Intelligence: 75
  • Faith: 15
  • Arcane: 30

Best Weapons for End Game Builds in Elden Ring

The weapons of choice for the Black Fire End Game build are the Godslayer’s Seal (found inside Stormveil Castle) and the Godslayer’s Greatsword ( found inside The Divine Tower of Caelid.) These are the main part of the build as they allow you to burn your enemies with flames.

These are beneficial if you’re present in the field with a bunch of minions and a big boss. Fights like these can get overwhelming; however, using fire will help you take down 2-3 minions at one time, and you can proceed to take care of the rest of the enemies in the field.

And if you’re using these weapons against only one boss at a time, they’re an ideal choice for massive damage.

The weapon of choice for Death Warrior End Game build is Death’s Poker, a Greatsword weapon that deals with Pierce and Standard damage. If you’re a fan of giving your enemies devastating damage by literally piercing their bodies and giving them frostbites, these weapons are for you.

The attack stats for this weapon are spectacular for end-game bosses. Its Ghostflame Ignition skill lights up the weapon’s tip on fire and increases your attack damage.

Best Armor for End Game Builds

For both Black Fire and Death Warrior, End Game builds the Ruler’s Mask helmet will provide extra Faith points, and the Mausoleum Knight Set negates Physical Damage.

These are great armor choices as they are not heavy and don’t limit your mobility when present in the field.

Best Talismans for End Game Builds

In Black Fire End Game, build the Great-Jar’s Arsenal talisman vastly increases the maximum equip load, making it easier for you to equip the Greatsword and Seal while wearing the recommended armaments.

Radagon’s Icon talisman shortens the time needed to cast spells, making the Black flame and Grant Me Strength incantations easier to cast more frequently. Lastly, the DragonCrest Greatshield talisman boosts your physical damage negation by a massive 20%.

The final piece of the build is the Spirit Ashes, which we will recommend using to aid you in boss fights. The Mimic Tear and Black Knife Tiche Spirit Ashes are the two of the best to use.

For Death Warrior, End Game build, the Talismans included are crucial to providing extra buffs to attack power. Warrior Jar Shard talisman increases your character’s attack power, and Magic Scorpion Charm increases magic attack power at the expense of lower damage negation.

The other two talismans are Shard of Alexander and Carian Filigreed Crest, which increase the attack power of skills and lower Focus Points (FP) consumption by skills, respectively.

Best Spells for End Game Builds

For Black Fire, End Game build, we especially recommend Golden Vow spell the most and encourage you to use it in other builds as well, as it has properties to save you against deadly attacks. Overall it boosts attacks advanced from your side to the enemies and buffs your defense during fights.

Whereas when paired up with the Black Flame or Grant Me Strength, it will further increase your damage output. These spells are crucial as these deal the most of the damage and will be the main source of your attacks.

Best Skills for End Game Builds

Golden Vow is a great skill for both the End Game builds and can benefit almost every build. For this one as well, we’ve used Golden Vow, which increases your character’s attacking and defensive abilities.

The Spirit Ashes for Dragon Warrior End Game build can be any of your preferences. You have the complete liberty to choose whatever Spirit Ashes suit your playstyle and complement your attacks towards the enemies