Elden Ring Earthbore Cave Walkthrough

Earthbore Cave is another minor dungeon in Elden Ring where players can enter at their own risk to try and...

Earthbore Cave is another minor dungeon in Elden Ring where players can enter at their own risk to try and defeat the snoring Runebear boss inside. The following guide will tell you how.

How to Get to Earthbore Cave in Elden Ring

The Earthbore Cave’s entrance is located on the north side of Weeping Peninsula, just below the cliffs. You can travel there directly by hopping on the lower sides till you reach the cave, or you can utilize the adjacent glowing Spirit Candle to guide you there.

The Spirit Candle can be found on your right, near an ancient stone tower, as you go through the forest toward the west. Engage with the Candle and follow the ghost as he moves toward the Earthbore Cave entrance.

Elden Ring Earthbore Cave Walkthrough

First thing you notice as you enter the Earthbore Cave is a large, glittering treasure chest. If you step foot on the strange rocks in front of the chest, you will tumble down and land in the center of the local rodent family, which consists of one Giant Rat and five regular rats.

It’s recommended to carefully go around the trap, open the chest without falling down, and gather three Pickled Turtle Neck pieces. Don’t forget to collect the Cave Moss. Then continue your journey down the tunnel.

You will find a Summoning Pool, followed by two Rats protecting a corpse. To obtain a Golden Rune, loot the body. Following that, you’ll notice a wider area which will also be filled with Rats.

You might wish to use stealth and distance attacks to avoid having to confront all the rats at once. One of them will be a Giant Rat, which will make it a little more difficult for you to destroy.

Loot the two corpses after defeating the Rats for one Glowstone and five Kukri. Drop down the tunnel, collect the Silver Fireflies on your left, and engage with the Runebear, the Earthbore Cave Boss.

How to defeat Earthbore Cave Boss

Runebear boss in Elden Ring is way too large for its hiding place. You can’t keep your distance. Instead of casting spells from distance, focus on melee strikes and your evading abilities.

Slaps, biting, charge assaults, and grips are among the Runebear’s attacks. Be particularly watchful of such attempts. If he gets his hands on you, you will be squeezed to death.

When the Runebear launches an assault, the best tactic is to dodge past him. Then target the exposed belly and rear legs. When you defeat him, you will receive the Spelldrake Talisman, which increases magic damage negation.

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