Media Molecule Artist Recreates Elden Ring In Dreams

While most players are trying to defeat Godrick, the Grafted to advance their storylines, a fan has painstakingly recreated the beautiful mountainous horizons of Elden Ring in Dreams on PlayStation 5.

Taking to Twitter earlier today, Media Molecule artist Martin Nebelong shared a time lapse of his Elden Ring fanart which he astoundingly made in Dreams in just five hours. Some of the assets used like rocks, trees, and the character model were pulled from a library of objects Nebelong has made for his other projects.

Nebelong is currently playing Horizon Forbidden West, which he also remade in Dreams last month. Nebelong is yet to play Elden Ring but plans to do so right after finishing Horizon Forbidden West on PlayStation 5. Hence, fans can expect to see more of his work in Dreams in the coming weeks.

Dreams is a highly powerful game creation system which was released by Sony Interactive Entertainment for PlayStation 4 back in 2020. Its in-depth tools allow for the creation of user-generated content, even full-fledged games and movies, which can then be shared with others to experience.

Elden Ring on the other hand has been raking in accolades after accolades for its stellar open world and gameplay. Despite being a Souls game which newcomers generally shy away from, millions of players are embarking to face some of the most difficult and unique bosses ever designed in the franchise.

Elden Ring is now available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, and PC.

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