Elden Ring Divine Bridge Golem Boss Guide

Elden Ring Divine Bridge Golem is a colossal, optional boss in Elden Ring that activates once you are close enough....

Elden Ring Divine Bridge Golem is a colossal, optional boss in Elden Ring that activates once you are close enough. Due to its optional status, there is really no need to defeat this boss. However, doing so will net you some useful rewards to help on your journey in the Lands Between. The following guide will how you how to reach and defeat the Divine Bridge Golem boss in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring Divine Bridge Golem Location

This boss can be found in Lyendell, Royal Capital. You need to cross the Divine Bridge leading to Lyendell. Upon reaching this place, you will easily spot the boss resting on the floor. The colossal construct will activate once you get close to it.

Divine Bridge Golem Recommended Level and Weaknesses

You can go after the Divine Bridge Golem fairly early in the game. You only need to be at least level 27 to take the boss on.

The Divine Bridge Golem has several weak spots. Notice the unshielded areas on its colossal body. Make sure to target your damage over there and not on the armored ones.

Divine Bridge Golem Attacks and Counters

Giant Axe Glide

In this attack, the boss will try to glide its axe close to the ground with the aim to hit you along with it.

You can counter this attack by rolling back or you can roll between the boss’ legs as its axe cannot reach there.

Double Axe Glide

Similar to the first one except that it will do this twice. You can counter this attack by rolling back or rolling towards its legs.

Flame casting attack

In this attack, the boss does a flame attack with its mouth. You can counter this attack by moving to the left because the flame attack will stop in the opposite direction.

Axe Smack

In this attack, the boss raises his axe before smashing it into the ground sending small stone projectiles in all directions.

You can counter this attack by rolling on either side of the point of the axe attack. You can also jump to avoid the projectiles.

Axe Haft Smack

Similar to the Axe Smack except that the boss smacks the opposite side of the axe on the ground. You can counter this attack by rolling either to the left or right direction of the smack.

Axe Haft Swing

The boss swings its massive weapon at you instead of smashing it into the ground. You can counter this attack by rolling away from the reach of the axe. You can repeat that if the boss does this attack more than once.

How to Defeat Divine Bridge Golem in Elden Ring

We will be mentioning fight strategies for both melee and Magic and Ranged users. Ash Summons and Spells will be quite useful in this fight. So, here are all the details for fight strategy that both melee and ranged and magic users can adopt.

For melee users, it is a bit easy to defeat this boss. Once the fight begins, you should attack its legs two times with any two-handed weapon. Keep in mind that it should be a fully charged attack.

The quick attacks will make the boss fall to the ground, thus giving you a chance to hit the chest with a Critical Attack. Once you land the attack, the Divine Bridge Golem will start getting back up again. Simply target its legs again and force it to the ground for another rinse-repeat cycle.

Magic and Ranged users can make use of Rock Sling during their fight while maintaining a distance. If one can avoid attacks by staying closer to this boss, then Glintstone Pebble is the best option to smash this boss. However, with low HP in your inventory, a single misread can potentially take you out of the game.,

Another strategy can be to target the ankles with rocks to stumble the boss and make him fall. Once it falls, cast a series of spells at the chest before it stands up again.

This boss has the ability to launch attacks that can reach the players at a long range. So, stay at a big enough distance to avoid attacks and immediately run back to the range of Rock Sling when you come forward to attack this boss.

Divine Bridge Golem Drops

After defeating this boss, you will be rewarded Golem’s Halberd. You can also open the chest on the side of the arena and find Blessed Dew Talisman from it.

How to Cheese Divine Bridge Golem

The way to cheese this boss is to target its feet. Land enough damage to its feet and it will fall to the ground, giving you a long window of opportunity to get in a good amount of damage.

Make sure to wield a two-handed weapon before activating the boss. Once done, unleash hell on its feet and force it to the ground. Next, target its chest and abdominal cavity to do the maximum amount of damage.

When the boss begins to recover, wait until its back up before targeting its legs again and doing the same cycle all over until it’s dead.

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