Elden Ring Commander O’Neil Boss Guide

Commander O’Neil is one of the rare, easier boss fights players can encounter in Elden Ring. While he can still throw a punch, a little read below will let players defeat Commander O’Neil in Elden Ring on their first try.

Elden Ring Commander O’Neil Location

Commander O’Neil is on an island in the heart of Caelid’s red marsh, Aeonia. As long as you’re on your horse, you can ride across the marsh without any concerns about getting Scarlet Rot.

How to Defeat Commander O’Neil Boss in Elden Ring

Commander O’Neil has two main abilities that players will have to deal with. The first is the boss summoning headless knights to aid him during the fight.

The other is his spin attack which he combines with an AoE to trap you in Scarlet Rot. If trapped, you’re good as dead.

Commander O’Neil can be easily defeated by charging up to him on Torrent, landing a few strikes, and then pulling away. It’s also critical that you keep moving and dodging the monsters that the boss will summon.

Expect plenty of heavy hitters to be summoned in the final quarter of the fight, capable of delivering tremendous damage and knocking you off your feet.

To avoid this, create a gap between you and the boss before moving forward so you can sprint towards him and deal damage.

Holding your nerve is important in this battle because if you go on the offensive at the wrong time, the boss or the phantoms can drag you off Torrent and kill you.

You’ll receive the following rewards after defeating Commander O’Neil:

  • 12,000 Runes
  • Commander’s Standard halberd
  • Unalloyed Gold Needle

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