How To Get Cleanrot Set In Elden Ring

In this guide we will discuss where and how to find the Cleanrot Armor Set in Elden Ring and outline its stats.

The Cleanrot Armor set is the Chest Armor worn by Malenia’s vowed knights. This particular armor set is highly sought after in the game, as it provides a high amount of resistance along with a decent damage negation as well. These attributes will come in handy when you will be facing tougher enemies in Elden Ring.

That being said, the Cleanrot Armor set may be a bit heavy, but it makes up for that by providing you with good resistance stats to withstand enemies’ blows. It is also one of the coolest-looking early-armor sets that you will stumble across in Elden Ring.

The Cleanrot armor set can be farmed by eliminating the Cleanrot Knights which can be found on the east side of the Aoenia Swamp. However, you won’t be able to obtain the complete armor set pieces in one go rather you will have to kill a lot of these knights to gather the complete Cleanrot Amor set in Elden Ring.

Furthermore, when you take out these Cleanrot knights in the game you will also be able to procure two different weapons from them as well along with the Cleanrot armor pieces. These armor pieces will include the Cleanrot Helm, Cleanrot Armor, Cleanrot Gauntlets, and lastly the Cleanrot Greaves in Elden Ring.

So in this guide, we will discuss where you can find the Cleanrot Armor Set for your tarnished along with its stats in Elden Ring.

Where to find Cleanrot Set in Elden Ring

In order to get your hands on the Cleanrot armor, head over to the Swamps of Aeonia.

So you can begin your journey from the Church of Elleh and make your way to the Gatefront site of Grace and then go up to Stormville Castle. Now from there, head right to the War Master Shack and from there to the Saint’s Bridge. Keep going right until you reach the village outskirts beyond the Summoning.

Then you need to go all the way up to the Right View Balcony and then to the Kalin Ruins Smoldering Wall. Now make your way to Aeonia Swamp Shore.

Near the east side of the Swamp, you’ll come across enemies known as the Cleanrot Knights. These enemies have the potential of dropping pieces of the Cleanrot Armor set and two different weapons as well. So you can target these Lesser Cleanrot knights and take them out.

Keep in mind that the drop rate is low so you will have to target multiple of these enemies in order to get the Cleanrot Armor set pieces in Elden Ring.

Also, an important thing to note here is that there will rot everywhere in that area, so it is advised that you stay on horseback to avoid getting inflicted with the rot effect. Apart from that you can proceed to take down these enemies in Elden Ring.

Alongside the Cleanrot Armor pieces, you can get amazing weapons while taking out these enemies as well. These will include weapons such as the Halo Scythe, Cleanrot Spear, and the Cleanrot Sword which are the same weapons that these Cleanrot knights will be wielding against you in  Elden Ring.

Best place to farm Lesser Cleanrot Knights for Cleanrot Armor

Lesser Cleanrot Knights farming locations in Elden Ring

If you want to farm the lesser Cleanrot knights for Cleanrot armor then you can do so at the following locations marked on the map above. It is best to avoid the one in the west as you will encounter the mutant mosquitos there as well, which can be frustrating to deal with.

So you can target the rest of the Cleanrot knights at the other locations. As for the attack pattern, you can keep at it by attacking them with long-range attacks and dashing away from their attacks. Keep at it and you will be able to take them out with relative ease in Elden Ring.

As mentioned earlier the drop rate for the Cleanrot armor set pieces is low so you will have to take the Cleanrot knights out again after they respawn at their locations.

Repeat the attack pattern on these knights’ multiple times and by the end, you’ll have gathered all pieces of the Cleanrot armor set in Elden Ring. 

You can also try using the Gold-Pickled Fowl Foot to boost rune drops while you farm the set.

Cleanrot Set stats

The Cleanrot Armor Set has very well-rounded stats and offers high immunity and robustness in Elden Ring. As for the weight of this particular armor set, the Cleanrot Armor set weighs around (35.7) in Elden Ring.

In terms of Damage, it offers a physical damage negation of (28.5). Relatively the defense against strike damage amounts to  (31) and against slash attacks, the damage negation is (26.3). Lastly, the damage negation against the pierce damage is (33.5).

However, the damage negation increases for Magic at about (24.9) in Elden Ring. Moreover, the damage negation on Fire attacks is (25.3), for  Holy attacks it is (22.6), and as for the Light attacks, it is (26.5).

As for the resistance stats of the Cleanrot Armor Set has excellent stats which include an Immunity of (150), and a high Robustness of (159). Apart from these the rest involve a Focus of (66), a Vitality of (80), and  Poise of  (47) in Elden Ring. 

As for the upgrades for the Cleanrot Armor set in Elden Ring, you can alter the Cleanrot Helm and the Cleanrot Armor by paying a certain amount of runes. As part of the alteration the cloth will be removed for the Cleanrot armor set giving it a cleaner look with a tad bit lesser weight as well.

You can also pair the Cleanrot knight set with the Cleanrot Finlay ashes in Elden Ring. These can be obtained from Elphael Brace of the Haligtree in Elden Ring. 

Using these ashes you can not only heal yourself but your damage negation stats on receiving Fire attacks from your enemies will boost by 60 percent as well.

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