How To Get Chain Set In Elden Ring

The Chain Set comprises four armor pieces that can all be purchased from a merchant named Kale in Elden Ring.

Equipping the Chain armor set in Elden Ring will boost your defense capabilities against all kinds of attacks, especially against slashing attacks.

Your character will also get a rather dignified look alongside a handy increment to robustness.

The Chain Set can be bought collectively from a particular NPC merchant in the game. This character “Kale” can be found in the Church of Elleh and once you meet with him you will have the option to buy all the set pieces to complete the Chain Set in Elden Ring.

Chain Set location in Elden Ring

Kale merchant location in Elden Ring

So if you want to acquire the Chain Set in Elden Ring then you can do so by venturing to the (Limgrave) Church of Elleh, the site of grace in Elden Ring. This can be found near the First step area where you will begin your journey in Elden Ring so once you get there you can interact with the Merchant at the Church.

This NPC merchant Kale will be dressed like a Santa with a red cap and red jacket, and you will find him near the pillar in the church area. So next you need to approach him and interact with him in Elden Ring.

In his Purchase Item section, you will find all the pieces of the Chain Set listed for a combined price of 4500 ruins in Elden Ring. These will include the Chain Coif which you can purchase from the merchant for 1000 Runes.

Similarly, the rest of the set pieces will be priced like the chain armor for (1500), Gauntlets for (1000), and lastly the chain leggings for 1000 runes in Elden Ring. Keep in mind that this way the Chain Set can be purchased early in Elden Ring as well.

Furthermore, you can buy the Chain Set later in the game as well by visiting another Merchant at the Roundtable Hold.

This NPC will be known as the Twin Maiden Husk and in order to get the pieces of the Chain Set from her you will have to complete a certain mission.

The objective for that mission will involve you bringing the Kale’s Bell Bearing back to this merchant and after that, you will get the option to buy the Chain Set in Elden Ring.

Chain Set stats

The Chain Set will grant you good Damage negation stats and keep you alive and kicking in your battles in Elden Ring. In terms of weight, the Chain Set has a combined weight of (21) which places it in the light-weight armor category of the game.

You can expect the armor set to add around 24 to your overall physical damage negation in the game. As said at the start, the Chain Set is most useful in mitigating slashing attacks, which gets a negation stat of almost 26 here.

If you check the damage negated for the enemy magic attacks that you receive, then you can observe that the Chain set offers a damage negation of (14.5), and against Fire attacks, it is even lowered to (12.5). However, for Holy attacks, the damage negation rises to (16.2) and goes above for Fire attacks amounting to (21.7) in Elden Ring.

Moving onto the Resistance figures for the Chain set, you will have a high robustness of (100) and an Immunity of (60). Similarly, you get a low Focus of (27), Poise of (37), and lastly the Vitality of (43) while wearing this Chain Set armor in Elden Ring.

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