Elden Ring Bolt of Gransax Build

In this Elden Ring guide, we'll be looking into the best build for Bolt of Gransax and how it can help you defeat enemies.

The Bolt of Gransax is a legendary weapon in the Elden Ring that lets its users deal lightning damage to their foes across vast distances. It has an ornate appearance and scales primarily with Dexterity and Strength. Due to its scaling nature, this weapon is best used with a Dexterity and Strength build.

The Bolt of Gransax is found about halfway through the game, so you won’t be able to use it straight away. However, you can start your build off right, so when you do acquire it, you’re good to go. This is primarily a melee build with some incantations thrown in.

In this guide, we’ll explore the best Bolt of Gransax Build in Elden Ring, including the best armor, Talisman, Incantations, and attributes to level up.

Bolt of Gransax Location in Elden Ring

The Bolt of Gransax is found within Leyndell, the royal capital. You can pick it up easily once you reach the Erdtree Sanctuary Site of Grace. From the Site of Grace, head west and go outside and down the stairs. Enter the structure in front of you and use the lift to go down.

Once you’re at the bottom, take the stairs down and then take the next set of stairs towards your left and stick close the railing. When you look down, you’ll notice that there’ll be a spear sticking out from the building below that is an exact but gigantic replica of the Bolt of Gransax.

Jump down on the ledge below and then down on the spear. Follow it up, and you’ll find the Bolt of Gransax right at the top.

Bolt of Gransax Dexterity/Strength Build

Although your starting class doesn’t profoundly affect the outcome of this build, we recommend going with the Vagabond, as this class has the highest starting Dexterity. By reaching Lyndell, you should have at least 40 Dexterity to effectively wield the Bolt of Gransax.

  • Class: Vagabond
  • Flask Spread: 3 to 1 ratio of HP to FP
  • Weapons: Bolt of Gransax (primary) and Bloodhound’s Fang (secondary)
  • Armor: White Reed Set
  • Stats: Dexterity and Strength (Primary), Vigor, Endurance and Mind (Secondary)
  • Skills: Ancient Lightning Spear and Bloodhound’s Finesse (Ashes of War) Black Blade Tiche and Mimic Tear (Spirit Summon)
  • Incantations: Golden Vow and Flame Give Me Strength
  • Talisman: Radagon Soreseal, Godfrey Icon, Erdtree’s Favor, and Shard of Alexander

Bolt of Gransax Build Stats Level 50


Bolt of Gransax Build Stats Level 100


Bolt of Gransax Build Stats Level 150


Best Weapons for Bolt of Gransax Build in Elden Ring

The Bolt of Gransax is your main weapon for this build. It is a legendary spear that deals lightning damage and has a very high range. It scales primarily with Dexterity. Since you won’t be able to use this weapon immediately, you should stick primarily to Dexterity scaling weapons before you can acquire it.

The Bloodhound’s Fang is a great secondary option for this build. Not only can you use this until you get the Bolt, but when upgraded, it can be a very useful tool for the late game in conjunction with our main weapon. Bloodhound’s Fang can be picked up after defeating Bloodhound Knight Darriwil in Limgrave.

Best Bow for Bolt of Gransax Build

Although the Bolt of Gransax is one of the best-ranged weapons in Elden Ring, a bow may be required occasionally in case your FP is running low and you can’t use the Bolt’s weapon skill. Again, you’ll want to use bows that scale with Dexterity since this is our primary attribute. Use the following bows:

  1. Black Bow
  2. Radahn Liongreatbow

Best Shield for Bolt of Gransax Build

Shields don’t necessarily scale with any attribute in Elden Ring. However, they have a strength requirement. You won’t require a shield since you’ll be playing at range with this build. However, if you want to use one, use lighter shields so you don’t sacrifice your mobility because if your enemies close in on you, you’ll have to reestablish that gap quickly. Make use of the following shields for this build:

  1. Beast Creast Heater Shield
  2. Brass Shield
  3. Blue-Gold Kite Shield

Best Sacred Seal for Bolt of Gransax Build

Sacred Seals don’t significantly affect the Incantations for this build, as the two Incantations we use are passive buffs. Use either of the following two seals:

  • Golden Order Seal
  • Dragon Communion Seal

Best Armor for Bolt of Gransax Build

Although you’ll be fighting from a distance, it’s still a good idea to always have powerful armor equipped. Since this is a Dexterity Build, there is no better option than the White Reeds set.


Best Incantations for Bolt of Gransax Build

Flame Grant Me Strength and Golden Vow are the two best Incantations to use with this build. Both these incantations buff your damage output when using the Bolt of Gransax.

  1. Golden Vow: This incantation grants the user +15% damage and -10% damage for a total of 80 seconds
  2. Flame Grant Me Strength: The second incantation increases your damage output by +20% and your stamina recovery by +5% for 30 seconds.

When used in conjunction, you’ll gain a +35% damage output increase, making the Bolt of Gransax even deadlier.

Best Skills for Bolt of Gransax Build

For the Bolt of Gransax, we’ll only use its built-in weapon skill/Ash of War: Ancient Lightning Spear. This skill allows you to summon a giant bolt of lightning that you can hurl toward your enemies. The damage output for this is immense; if you hit your opponents in the head, you’ll deal even more damage.

This weapon skill should be used at a distance and with the right timing because it does take a couple of seconds to charge up, and during the charging up period, you’re left completely vulnerable. This attack also uses up some of your FP, and since you will be using this skill a lot during a battle, make sure you have enough points in your Mind attribute (which is also required for the incantations.

Again, for the Bloodhound’s Fang, we’ll only use its built-in weapon skill, Bloodhound’s Finesse. This skill allows you to initiate an uppercut blade slash, after which your character performs a backward somersault. If you time a heavy attack after the somersault, you can use the weapon’s side-step attack.

Use Black Knife Tiche and Mimic Tear spirit summons to add a few more points of damage and support to this build.

Best Talisman for Bolt of Gransax Build

All of the Talismans we’ve chosen for the Bolt of Gransax build in Elden Ring enhance and buff your build in various ways. You can unlock four Talisman slots, so make sure you equip a Talisman in each slot to maximize your build’s potential.

  1. Radagon’s Soreseal: This Talisman buffs all of the stats relevant to his build, including Dexterity, Strength, Vigor, and Endurance.
  2. Godfrey Icon: This Talisman adds a further +15% buff to your attacks.
  3. Erdtree’s Favor: Grants you extra HP and stamina and raises your equip load
  4. Shard of Alexander: Increases the attack power of skills by +15%

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