Elden Ring Boc the Seamster Quest Guide

We’ll be showing you how to complete the Boc the Seamster questline in Elden Ring, step by step in this guide.

To help you out with completing the questline of Boc the Seamster, we’ve prepared this guide where we’ll be showing you how to complete the Boc the Seamster quest in Elden Ring, step by step.

Where is Boc the Seamster

Boc the Seamster is an NPC in Elden Ring that gives you quite an interesting side quest. Boc the Seamster’s questline is not that difficult to complete, and it grants you a very valuable reward on completion, so it’s a very good idea to complete this questline early on.

To start Boc’s questline, you’ll have to first find him in Limgrave and interact with him.

Finding him is a bit of a tricky task as you won’t see him initially. Instead, you’ll have to locate him purely through sound. So make sure you have your in-game volume turned up.

Travel to Agheel Lake North and then head towards the southeast until you find a group of trees with three sheep next to it.

As soon as you get close to the trees, you’ll hear a voice calling out to you for help. But, despite hearing this voice clearly, you won’t see a single soul amongst these trees.

The reason for that Boc has a curse on him that turned him into a tree! So the voice you hear is coming directly from one of the trees in front of you.

The tree the sound is coming from is the smaller reddish one to your left. If you look closely, you’ll see this tree moving when you hear the voice.

After identifying the tree, simply strike at it with your weapon to free Boc the Seamster from the curse. As soon as you hit the tree, Boc will appear in his original form, which is that of a Demi-Human monkey.

How to Complete Boc the Seamster Quest in Elden Ring

Now, you can start Boc the Seamster’s questline by talking to him. As a reward for freeing him from his curse, Boc will give you 10x mushrooms.

However, he’ll tell you that he was pushed out a cave before he was turned into a tree. And if you choose to help him get back into his cave, he’ll be able to bring back something of actual value to you.

Boc will tell you that he needs a moment to gather himself. While he’s doing that, you can make your way over to the next location where you’ll meet him.

Travel to the Coastal Cave

The next location where you’ll meet Boc is the Coastal Cave. Fast travel to the First Step and head towards the southwest from there.

Maneuver your way down the cliff and go through the small cave entrance. When you go inside the cave, you’ll see Boc lying on the floor next to the Site of Grace.

When you talk to him, he’ll tell you that he got beaten up when he tried to go into the cave, and he warns you that the same might happen to you.

After talking to him, interact with the Site of Grace and prepare yourself for a boss fight.

Defeat the Demi-Human Chief Bosses

Start going down the cave, avoiding the Demi-Human in your way until you reach the boss fight area, where you’ll encounter two Demi-Human Chief bosses.

There will also be a bunch of low-level Demi-Human enemies in the area, so make sure to clear them out before you start fighting the bosses.

When you defeat the Demi-Human Chief bosses, you’ll obtain the following rewards:

  • Tailoring Tools x1
  • Sewing Needle x1

After obtaining these rewards, go back up to the Site of Grace to find Boc. Hand over the Sewing Needle to Boc.

Getting his mother’s Sewing Needle back will rejuvenate Boc, who will now move to another location where you’ll have to meet him once again.

Travel to Liurnia of the Lakes

Now, travel to Liurnia of the Lakes and go to the Site of Grace by the Church of Irith. You’ll find Boc sitting right next to the Site of Grace.

Talk to Boc, and he’ll ask you to allow him to serve you as your seamster. He will then offer to make adjustments to your garments for you without asking for anything in return.

This will now become Boc the Seamster’s spawn location for a while. Whenever you want to get your armor pieces altered, head over to this location and ask Boc to do it. He’ll gladly do it for free.

Boc will eventually move from this location, and you’ll be able to find him at the East Raya Lucaria Site of Grace or at the cliffs by the East Capital Ramparts Site of Grace.