How To Get The Blackflame Monk Set In Elden Ring

In Elden Ring, the Blackflame Monk Set is one of the most ornately designed set you can wear. Perfect for Black Flame builds, here is how to get it!

If you have encountered any Blackflame Monks, you will be glad to know that there is a way to get their Blackflame Monk armor set in Elden Ring.

This is a four-piece set that offers respectable physical and magical protection capability. This is a must-have if you want to create a Blackflame build in the game.

As you may expect, the set is farmed from the Blackflame Monks. So all you need to do is track down these enemies and kill enough of them to get the set. However, there is a catch. The set has terrible RNG, meaning farming it will be difficult.

If you are interested in getting this armor for yourself, read on as we will tell you how to farm the Blackflame Monk Armor set in Elden Ring.

Where to find the Blackflame Monk Set in Elden Ring

As mentioned before, the armor set is farmed from the Blackflame Monks. These enemies are found in multiple locations all over the map.

The best farming location is undoubtedly the basement of the Divine Tower of Caelid. You can also find a Site of Grace nearby to rest and respawn the monks.

Alternatively, another farming location can be found at the Temple of Eiglay. However, farming at this location requires you to beat Godskin Noble inside since the Site of Grace is inside the chapel.

So, the best location therefore will be the former location. It is easier to reach, especially if you are in the early-game stages, and doesn’t require killing a boss.

Best place to farm the Blackflame Monk Set

Blackflame Monk Set farming location in Elden Ring

After reaching the Basement Site of Grace, follow the stairs down to encounter a Blackflame Monk standing just beyond the doorway.

Approach him and attack him. You must be careful here because his attacks can easily whittle away at your health rapidly.

An easy way to cheese him is by climbing the nearby ladder and baiting him into following you. Once he gets up there you can attack him till he falls back down. The fall will kill him and you can loot the body later. This is especially helpful for low-level characters who can’t withstand many hits.

You must keep in mind that it will take you some time to get the full set. Each piece of the set has a 3% chance to drop meaning you’ll be going back empty-handed most of the time.

You can try again and again OR you may use items that boost your discovery, such as the Silver Scarab talisman. This will force the game to drop pieces of the set more frequently.

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