Elden Ring Black Flame Builds Guide

We've prepared this guide that will show you the three of the best Black Flame builds you can make in Elden Ring

To help you create the perfect build centered around the Black Flame spell, we’ve prepared this guide that will show you the three of the best Black Flame builds you can make in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring Black Flame Builds

Black Flame is one of the strongest spells in the game. If you create the right Faith build for it, your character will be an absolute powerhouse.

To help you out with that, below, we’ve listed down the three best Black Flame builds you can create in Elden Ring.

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Godslayer Greatsword Black Flame Build

Class: Prophet

Flask Spread: High FP

Weapons: Godslayer’s Greatsword, Godslayer’s Seal and Godskin Peeler

Armor: Any lightweight armor set

Stats: Faith(Primary), Mind(Primary), and Vigor(Secondary)

Spells: Black Flame, Scouring Black Flame, and Black Flame Blade

Winged Scythe Black Flame Build

Class: Confessor

Flask Spread: High FP

Weapons: Winged Scythe, Godslayer’s Seal and Blasphemous Blade

Armor: Any lightweight armor

Stats: Faith(Primary), Mind(Primary) and Vigor(Secondary)

Spells: Black Flame and Black Flame Blade

Talismans: Radagon’s Soreseal

Tank Black Flame Build

Class: Prophet

Flask Spread: High FP

Weapons: Gargoyle’s Twinblade and Godslayer’s Seal

Armor: Black Wolf Mask and Veteran’s Armor

Talisman: Dragoncrest Greatshield Talisman, Bull-Goat’s Talisman, Faithful’s Canvas, and Great-Jar’s Arsenal

Stats: Vigor(Primary), Faith(Primary), Strength(Primary), and Dexterity(Secondary)

Spells: Black Flame, Black Flame Ritual, and Scouring Black Flame

Items: Flask of Wondrous Physick with Leaden Hardtea, Flame-Shrouding Cracked Tear

Best Class for Black Flame Builds

The Prophet class will allow you to put points into Faith early on in the game. Faith is a very important stat for Godslayer Black Flame and Tank Black Flame build, so you need to level it up as much as possible.

The recommended starting class for Winged Scythe build is the Confessor. With this class, you won’t need to invest in Strength and Dexterity for a while, which will allow you to invest a lot of points into Faith.

Best Stats for Black Flame Builds

These are faith-type builds and require you to focus on Faith, Vigor, and Mind. By level 30, you must have the following stats to take maximum advantage of these builds:

  • Vigor:18
  • Mind:20
  • Endurance:8
  • Strength:11
  • Dexterity:10
  • Intelligence:7
  • Faith:27
  • Arcane:10

Best Weapons for Black Flame Builds in Elden Ring

Your main weapon for Godslayer Greatsword Black Flame Build is the Godslayer’s Greatsword. This weapon has a crazy damage output, which is the main reason why it’s used for this build.

The damage output for its skill is insane, but it takes a long time to finish, so you won’t be able to cancel the skill to dodge an attack. But the skill does have very high Poise, so you’ll be safe either way.

The second weapon for Godslayer Greatsword Build is the Godskin Peeler. It is a double-sided blade and primarily scales with strength and dexterity. This weapon in this build provides a blend of strength and dexterity getting along with faith type build.

The skill of this weapon is an amazing AoE attack that deals high damage to multiple enemies at a time. The only downside is that it’s a bit hard to land.

The main weapon of the Winged Scythe build is the Winged Scythe. This proves to be a great weapon for dealing and protecting the holy damage. The skill attack of this weapon is called “Angel’s Wings,” and it scales up with your Faith, dealing great damage and staggering targets.

The best thing about the Winged Scythe is that not only does its skill deal crazy damage, but it also has a very high range. The two-hit attack will make quick work of all kinds of enemies. Due to the Faith scaling, it will be especially effective against unholy creatures like skeletons. This will help you out a lot in the game’s early stages.

The second best weapon for Winged Scythe build is the Blasphemous Blade, but it’ll take you a while before you can get it. This weapon scales with Strength, Dexterity, and Faith, so it’s the perfect choice for this build.

The main damage from the Tank Black Flame build comes from the power move of the Gargoyle’s Flame Art Twinblade, called the Black Flame Tornado. It is a default skill of Godskin Peeler and one of the strongest attacks in the game. You can essentially defeat some bosses with just two shots.

Best Armor for Black Flame Builds

In Godslayer Greatsword Build, you can go for any lightweight armor such as the Black knife Set. The same goes for the Winged Scythe build.

The Veteran’s Armor in Tank Black build will make you an absolute tank, meaning that you’ll never have to worry about getting interrupted or getting one-shotted by a boss. It is great for defense and resistance. This is an old armor set that can fit both genders and provides affinity against physical damage.

Best Talismans for Black Flame Builds

Dragoncrest Greatshield Talisman in Tank Black build will provide affinity to the physical damage. It reduces the physical damage taken by 20%. When it comes to poise, Bull-Goat’s Talisman does the job efficiently by increasing the poise by 33%.

Faithful’s Canvas Talisman is an excellent addition to the build as it substantially increases your incantation damage by 4%. Great-Jar’s Arsenal increases the maximum weapon load by 19%. This allows you to carry more weapons, which you will need in this build.

Best Spells for Black Flame Builds

Out of the three spells in Godslayer Greatsword Build, the Black Flame is the strongest one. You can use this spell to deal great damage from long ranges.

The unique thing about this spell is that it takes a good chunk out of the target’s health by itself and deals damage over time to the target for two seconds after the hit.

The second spell in Godslayer Greatsword Build, Scouring Black Flame, is for close-range attacks. And the third spell is there just to boost your melee weapon’s damage. It imbues your weapon with a flame that makes it deal extra damage.

When you’re fighting an enemy from range, the Black Flame will become your main attack in Winged Scythe build. The damage from this attack may seem a bit underwhelming at first, but the damage-over-time effect from it will change your mind.

The Black Flame Blade gives your melee weapon a damage boost for 5 seconds. To make the most out of it, make sure to use it right before you’re about to punish an enemy’s attack.

The second source of damage in Tank Black build is from the spells. Black Flame will help you deal damage from range while Black Flame Ritual and Scouring Black Flame deal great AoE damage and synergize well with the Black Flame Tornado skill.

Best Items for Black Flame Builds

The Radagon’s Soreseal will raise your Strength and Dexterity in Winged Scythe build. They are needed to wield the Winged Scythe. So, because of this seal, you will be able to invest more points into Faith.

The second seal you need for Winged Scythe build is the Godslayer Seal. This will scale up your Godslayer Incantations (Black Flame), which will significantly increase the damage output of the build.

The idea of the Tank Black Flame build is to make your character as tanky as possible while also allowing for high damage output. The flask and talismans chosen for this build will significantly increase your Endurance and Poise.

When playing with Tank Black Flame build, you need to play with confidence. Compared to other builds, this build has insane survivability, so you don’t need to play defensively.

You can get up close to bosses and play offensively without having to worry too much. Keep in mind, though, that the casting times of the weapon skills are quite low, so you’ll have to practice the timing to perform it properly. But even if you get hit out of the attack, you’ll be able to get right back up like nothing even happened.