Elden Ring Best Mods Guide

Elden Ring mods are effects that can tweak some of the visual elements and gameplay. In this guide, we will...

Elden Ring mods are effects that can tweak some of the visual elements and gameplay. In this guide, we will tell you about some of the best Elden Ring mods available in the game and how to install the mods as well.

How to Install Mods in Elden Ring

For installing these, first, you will need to go to a website called Nexusmods.com.

Sign up for an account, and after that, you can search the modifications for the Elden Ring by typing the Elden Ring in the top search bar. Here you will see all the mods available for Elden Ring.

The process of installing all mods will be similar, but some mods may require you to install some other mods as well, so it is better to read the Mod’s description to learn about any other requirements.

Once you are ready to install the Mod, you can install it in two ways. The first one is by downloading the Mod Manager of the Nexus Mods, Vortex.

If you use this mod manager, the Mod you want to install will be downloaded here, and after that, you can install it easily using the interface of the Vortex application.

The other way of installing the Mod is a manual one. In this, you have to download the mod file. Once downloaded, extract it to the folder you want and copy everything from the main file of the Mod you extract.

After that, go to the Elden Ring.exe folder and paste it there. Now restart the game, and the Mod will start working.

Now, as you know how to install the modifications in Elden Ring, let us tell you about the best mods of Elden Ring available for you.

Best Mods in Elden Ring

Below you will find some of the best Elden Ring modifications available right now.

Enhanced Moveset Utility Mod

This is a very useful mod in Elden RIng that can help you customize a lot of things.

You can use this to map the spells to different keys, backup save files, and for many other important actions that will increase your chances of survival in the game. In addition, you can control your complete moveset with this Mod.

Elden ReShade – HDR FX Mod

Most of the mods available till now are for enhancing the game’s visual effects, but we have picked the best Mod for doing so.

The Elden ReShade – HDX FX mod is the best Mod available to increase the visuals of the game. This Mod has HDR lighting effects and other changes that make the whole gameplay a lot more enjoyable for you.

Pause the Game Mod

The Pause the Game mod is available for playing the game offline, allowing players to pause the game whenever they want.

It is best for players who have to pause their game many times while playing. This Mod can be used if you have some urgent work to do but don’t want to close the game.

You can pause the game, do your work and then resume it for moving forward without losing any progress.

60 FPS Mod Unlocker

The Elden Ring 60 FPS Mod Unlocker is used for eliminating the 60 FPS limit of Elden Ring on PC.

This Mod is available for both the steam and cracked version of the Elden RIng. This Mod allows you to enjoy the game at the FPS rate you want.

Cheat Table Mod

For the players who want to experiment with the game’s mechanics, this Mod is for them. However, cheating is not recommended, but this Mod can be very helpful for you.

You can simply install the Elden RIng cheat table mod, and it will help you manipulate everything in the game, including the player’s stats and equipment.

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