How To Get Arrow Reach Talisman In Elden Ring 

The Arrow Reach Talisman is a very useful item in Elden Ring which increases your range with ranged weapons. Here is how to acquire it!

The Arrow Reach Talisman is one of the many useful items you will find in Elden Ring. It does not provide any stat buff to your character, per se, but you will get another unique advantage when you equip it and increases the total range of your ranged weapons. The talisman is a must-have item for every sniper build.

We shall now discuss where you can find the Elden Ring Arrow Reach Talisman and what it does. 

Arrow Reach Talisman location in Elden Ring 

To get the Arrow Reach Talisman in Elden Ring, you will have to fast travel to the Gatefront Site of Grace. From here, pass through the gate and along the path. You will reach a point where the left side wall can be climbed upon, climb it and turn around. 

You will be facing east, move in this direction and you will see the pillars of the fort in the distance. Head towards them and enter using the door with torches, at the bottom of it.

From here, move along until you find two knights. Finish them off and open the chest to your left. In it, you will find the Arrow Reach Talisman. 

You can also go here by fast-traveling the Stormfront Site of Grace and then following the path to Gatefront. Then going towards the forts as described above. 

Arrow Reach Talisman effects 

While the Arrow Reach Talisman may not provide you with buffs, it will however increase the range of your ranged weapons. This is especially useful when you are using bone arrows or bone bolts. Bone arrows and bolts are cheaper than their normal counterparts, but they have a very bad range.  

This talisman is also useful when you are using ballistae since it can increase their range even further. The talisman is also very useful when using unfletched arrows which have less range than their fletched counterparts.  

The Arrow Reach Talisman also increases the range of other weapons such as the Rock Sling, Bestial Sling, Ambush Shard, Spectral Lance Ash of War, Kukri, Great Oracular Bubble, and the Beast’s Roar. 

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