Elden Ring Adan Thief of Fire Boss Guide

In this Elden Ring guide, we’ll look into the optional boss known as the Adan, Thief of Fire and let you know how to defeat him.

Beating bosses and countering their attacks can be tricky sometimes. However, with the right strategies and set of attacks, they can be taken down in no time. In this Elden Ring Adan Thief of Fire Boss guide, we’ll look into the optional boss known as the Adan, Thief of Fire. So, if you want to know the best tips and tricks to defeat him, keep reading!

Elden Ring Adan, Thief of Fire Location

In Elden Ring, Adan, Thief of Fire, is described as the evergaol prisoner and former battle mage. He wields a spiked flail and uses stolen knowledge of fire magic to significant effect.

Players can find this boss in the Malefactor’s Evergaol, which is located in the southern Liurnia of the Lakes near the Folly. To get to him fast, make your way to the high cliff in Liurnia of the Lakes, find the Spirit Spring, and jump into the portal to teleport.

And as we have mentioned above, he is an optional and field boss, so players can deal with it when they feel the most comfortable and convenient.

Adan, Thief of Fire Recommended Level and Weaknesses

You can consider taking on Adan once you hit level 40. As for weapons, they are recommended to be at least +4 to +7 for standard and +1 to +2 for somber.

Adan, Thief of Fire has no obvious weakness. One thing you can take advantage of is his movement. Adan is fairly slow to react when a heavy attack is used. Hence, deplete his health by using heavy attacks to put him off his feet and then during his recovery phase, fire a barrage of light attacks on him.

Adan, Thief of Fire Attacks and Counters

We have listed all of Adan’s attacks below with ways to counter them.

Flame of the Fell God

This attack has a large radius. In this attack, Adan uses his hand to summon an orb of fire that travels towards you.

This attack can be very easily countered by keeping your distance as the animation of this attack is very long.

Catch Flame

This attack can be a bit dangerous. In this attack, Adan launches flames of fire toward you. You can counter it by dodging it backward.

Healing Flask

Adan drinks a potion to heal. To counter this attack, simply interrupt him by attacking him.

Overhead Swing

Adan will attack with his flail to smash you downwards. This attack can be countered by dodging sideways.

Wild Strikes

This is probably the most dangerous attack. In this attack, Adan attacks you with his flail from one side to another continuously. It can take a lot of your HP.

To counter this attack, keep on dodging it precisely and when he’s finished, use your heavy attacks to counter him.

How to Defeat Adan, Thief of Fire Boss in Elden Ring

Adan is a challenging boss as he possesses some attacks that can be hard to deal with, especially since they are high at speed and can be damaging if you don’t know what is about to come next.

Adan will begin using his fire attacks known as the Flame of the Fell God as soon as the fight starts. In this attack, he will release a fireball which will come floating towards you, and when it’s near enough, it expands and explodes. The radius of this attack is devastatingly huge, and it will leave the ground all covered up with fire.

To avoid this attack, you need to get close instead of staying back. If you run away as defense, Adan will release more of these fireballs which will instantly kill you.

To counter them, run up close to him and advance a light attack as soon you notice him casting this spell. And when his process is all interrupted, run slowly back to avoid any attacks he makes towards you.

However, keep in mind that he will use the Catch Flame spell if you get too close to the boss. It is a high-speed and quick blast of fire that is very hard to predict and will catch you off guard.

The only way to avoid it is always to get close to Adan from the side instead of the front, so you’re not directly taking the damage when he does produce the attack.

Apart from the Fire Attacks, Adan also has some Blade Attacks. His first attack is the Swinging Flail Combo which is him slowly approaching you and then executing a spin or leaping strike.

You can easily avoid it if he’s performing a leaping strike by producing one of your heavy attacks before him and then going again for one more. This way, he won’t be able to respond quickly, and you’ll save yourself from his strikes.

Adan will also use flail attacks; however, it is straightforward to predict when this attack will come your way by just looking at the bosses’ flail. Whenever you see it coming, roll to the side to avoid it. Then, keep attacking him from his sides to provide him with max damage.

Melee Strategies

Aside from his attacks, here are some strategies you can adopt to take him down while playing melee.

The best part about this boss fight is that Adan is still vulnerable to being stunned regardless of the brutal attacks he possesses. So, pull out your best stance damaging attacks, and have the big guy freeze for a few seconds as soon as he spawns to fight arena.

Use that time like there’s no tomorrow and pull out your best melee combo to provide as much damage to the boss as you possibly can. Then, once the health is down for the boss, get into the defense mode and just run away whenever he’s about to charge an attack and spell. And get closer from the sides to slash the big guy.

Lastly, whenever the boss is about to strike his blade attacks, counter them with bigger combos and attacks to set him back and produce even more damage.

Magic Strategies

When encountering Adan with magic, the best strategy is to use his spell against him. You must be wondering how that makes sense.

Regardless of being a fire mage, Adan is still weak against fire attacks. So, use that as your best defense strategy, blast the Catch Flame, and stun him. When he’s frozen, use that time to advance your best attacks nonstop.

Keep spamming the spell and attacking, and there are chances that you defeat the boss solely on this strategy. If he does manage to get back up and retaliate, use the long-ranged magic when he’s about to cast the Fell God spell, which should take care of the boss.

Keep producing your best spell attacks, and the boss should be dead in no time.

Adan, Thief of Fire Drops

You’ll receive the following rewards after defeating Adan, Thief of Fire in Elden Ring:

  • 3,800 Runes
  • 11,400 Runes (NG+)
  • Flame of the Fell God

How to Cheese Adan, Thief of Fire

You will need to be patient if you’re looking to cheese Adan in the game. His attacks are very predictable.

Once he’s done with an attack, you can use your jump attacks during that duration to land some heavy damage on him. Adan will take a lot of damage before he is able to recover. You’ll be able to defeat him easily with this cheese strategy.

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