Ed Boon Has Updated His Twitter Page, Seems To Tease Injustice 2

Ed Boon has updated his Twitter to include two different Aquaman gifs and has even teased that there may indeed be an Injustice 2 in the works.

Ed Boon, the creative director of NeverRealm Studios (creators of the Mortal Kombat series and developers of Injustice: Gods Among Us) has been fiddling around with his Twitter for the past hour, and appears to be teasing Injustice 2 with a variety of Aquaman gifs and a simple Roman numeral for 2.

Boon posed the question on the latter example of what it could be for: is it related to Mortal Kombat 11, or is it related to Injustice 2? The second option seems more likely, especially since we’ve gotten some teasing about Injustice: Gods Among Us 2 in recent days, including that we’ll be getting an Injustice 2 next year on current-gen consoles.

It’s also the most likely option considering that Mortal Kombat X, the latest Mortal Kombat game, only came out last year. Considering the gap between the Mortal Kombat that rebooted the MK timeline came out in 2011, hopefully NetherRealm will have learned and will try to make it as good as possible before putting it out even if it takes several years.

When the first Injustice came out in 2013, rumors for a sequel were floating around for as early as 2014, so 2017 might be a good enough gap that the game will come out and be good because of the four-year gap, just like Mortal Kombat X was.

The first Injustice still got positive reviews, so hopefully Injustice 2 would get the same sort of positive reviews that Mortal Kombat X got with NetherRealm learning how to make fighting game stories good again, especially with the contrast between Injustice’s panned story mode and Mortal Kombat X’s praised story.

Either way, if there really is an Injustice 2 coming out, hopefully it will be just as good as Mortal Kombat X, if not better and will give NetherRealm Studios two successful franchises that they can be known for positively.

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