Mortal Kombat’s Ed Boon Toys With The Idea Of A Marvel Fighting Game

Ed Boon has teased fans about an upcoming crossover between Mortal Kombat and Marvel franchises to trigger the rumored Marvel fighting game.

It was only last month when developer NetherRealm Studios was rumored to be working on a new Marvel fighting game. While no further evidence has come forward to substantiate those claims, the Mortal Kombat co-creator himself continues to play around with the idea.

Taking to Twitter earlier today, creative director Ed Boon shared a YouTube parody of Jax fighting off Spider-Man and noted that it would provide “inspiration for [an] upcoming” crossover between Mortal Kombat and Marvel franchises.

This makes it the second time in recent months that Boon has toyed with fans about a new Marvel fighting game. NetherRealm Studios has obviously made no official announcements. Boon however has exclaimed a wish back in December for an opportunity to work on a Marvel vs. DC fighting game where he stated that he would love to see Batman pulling punches against Spider-Man “some day.”

NetherRealm Studios in the meanwhile is believed to be working on a new Injustice 3 game which remains to be announced. COVID-19 may have possibly pushed development ahead but based on a four-year development cycle, Injustice 3 should be releasing somewhere in late 2021.

At the very least, fans can expect NetherRealm Studios to announce a new project (or projects) before the holiday season ends. The developer has already finished up with Mortal Kombat 11 and as such, there should be something new in its active pipelines, whether that be Injustice 3 or a Marvel fighting game.

Elsewhere, Mortal Kombat 11: Ultimate Edition, featuring all downloadable content released as well as next-generation enhancements, was released for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X back in November 2020. The new installment has now graced all known major platforms including Google Stadia and Nintendo Switch.

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