EA’s Ultimate Team is a Big Money Maker, Company Wants Similar Feature for Battlefield and Battlefront

EA's Ultimate Team is making a butt load of money if the latest numbers are true, which they are. EA has made $800 million.

EA’s Ultimate Team is making a butt load of money if the latest numbers are true, which they are. EA has made $800 million from Ultimate Team feature. EA’s Ultimate Team business is up 20% year-over-year.

For fans of the Ultimate Team, there is good news. EA wants to implement this feature in other franchises as well such as Battlefield, Star Wars, and more.

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According to Jorgensen:

Like Battlefield or Battlefront, our Star Wars game, which are very similar in the depth of play – we can possibly add a similar mechanic to that. We spend a lot of time thinking about it. Not for tomorrow, but over the next couple of years you’re going to see a lot more of that in our portfolio

The feature can not be implemented as is so EA would need to revamped Ultimate Team. The developers are still working on ideas to bring Ultimate Team to Battlefield and Battlefront games.

EA is particularly interested in this department due to “nice margins” associated with digital content.

The good thing for us us that every single percentage point move towards full-game downloads adds to our margin. It’s a great tailwind for our business, combined with the fact that more and more of the extra content that’s added to games is also all digital.

Battlefield 1 is already out as well as Battlefront. If such a feature comes to these IPs, it would surely be in their next installments. A new Star Wars game is in the works and the next Battlefield should be in the planning stages by now.

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Source: Gameindustry

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