EA Teased Battlefield 1 Lawrence Of Arabia Mission In A New Video

EA has teased Battlefield 1 Lawrence Of Arabia singleplayer mission in a new video which showcases female Bedouin character.

Battlefield 1 is one of the most anticipated games releases of this year and fans are eager to see more of the game. Now Electronic Arts has released a new video teasing the Battlefield 1 Lawrence Of Arabia singleplayer mission.

In this teaser for Battlefield 1 Lawrence Of Arabia singleplayer mission, we see a female Bedouin character riding a horse and demanding information on the train seen in the Sinai desert multiplayer map, which she wants to lure in a trap and destroy it.

The man she is talking to, we don’t know who he is, replies her that how enchanting she is, and for that he gets a punch to his face from the same female character. Then the trailer shows glimpses of what is to come and the man is threatening her that the same engine of destruction will destroy everything she loves and knows.

The Lawrence Of Arabia chapter is called “Nothing is Written”, and the rest of the chapters are titled “Friends in High Places, Through Mud and Blood, Avanti Savoia, and The Runner”.

Also EA has announced the Spectator Mode for Battlefield 1, which will allow players to record in-game movies and take screenshots of epic multiplayer battles. Spectator mode features multiple options through which players can record or capture.

One of them being the “Director’s Camera” which locks on a soldier and tracks its movements, while the spectator can adjust the camera angle and position.

Also Nvidia has launched its NVIDIA GeForce 373.06 WHQL game ready driver for Gears Of War 4, for a smoother experience for Nvidia cards owners, and it also brings SLI support for Battlefield 1.

Battlefield 1 is scheduled to launch on October 21 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Also EA Access demo will become available on October 13, and players will play the game until they hit the ten hours time limit, and then then the game will be playable upon launch.

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