EA Sports UFC 3 Confirmed For A Q1 2018 Release

EA's Fiscal Year 2018 plan reveals the company will be releasing EA Sports UFC 3 in the end of FY18, between January and March 2018

EA’s recent earnings call has revealed some new information regarding the company’s numerous games franchise. One such news is the confirmation and release window of EA Sports UFC 3.

EA Sports UFC 3 would be the third title in the mixed martial arts franchise and according to the company’s report, the game is on track for a Q1 2018 release, confirming the 2-year cycle of the franchise.

The list of the fiscal year 2018 titles which have been confirmed for now also include FIFA 18, Madden 18, Battlefront 2 and yesterday’s announcement of a new Need for Speed game.

EA Sports lineup every year is pretty much the same with all of its franchises getting a new iteration around the same time period. However, some such as the Madden franchise have been a bit lackluster as of late. Let’s hope EA’s promise of Madden NFL 18’s innovation turns out to be true.

According to the list, EA Sports UFC 3 will be the last to arrive from these games, with the release in Q4 of Fiscal Year 2018, which is actually Q1 of 2018. The game is expected sometime between January and March.

No other information regarding the MMA simulation game is known as of yet besides it being the only Q4 game announced by the publisher so far. There is a high possibility more games will join it after EA’s event at E3 2017.


The investor call from EA also revealed some exciting information regarding one of the biggest publishers in the gaming industry. Battlefield fans might be happy to know that the latest title of the franchise, Battlefield 1 has a playerbase almost 50% greater than that of Battlefield 4 over the same time period.

Whether the playerbase sticks around for long just like they did for Battlefield 3 and 4 remains to be seen. Given DICE’s yearly release schedule for their games and both Battlefront and Battlefield franchises now on the same DNA, it seems unlikely the game will be talked about much after the launch of Battlefront 2.

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