EA Sports Teases NHL 15 in a Short Trailer, Hype Train is Ready

EA Sports has started teasing the next title in their yearly NHL franchise. The recently released teaser trailer for the upcoming NHL 15 doesn’t really show a lot except a pretty huge stadium, talented commentators and a player’s jersey being ruffled up with win.

The NHL page on EA Sports website however goes in depth, explaining what players can expect from the game. Tapping into the power of next gen consoles, the game will feature many new and exciting features like 12 player collision physics, living and breathing crowd along with Vision AI.

Player pile ups, crowd reacting to your each and every move in a different way, authentic arenas including seat capacities and lightning and a new commentary team straight from the NBC Sports room. These are just some of the few highlights of the NHL 15 experience.

Vision AI features “evolved awareness with players reading and reacting to potential plays” resulting in an increased variety and complexity to passing and teamwork.

Since the game is utilizing physics for not only the players but the puck itself, the ice in contact with the puck will potentially alter your gameplay resulting in unpredictable and authentic shots, the likes of which could previously be only seen in a real NHL game.

NHL 15 will deliver groundbreaking player likeness and emotions during stressful situations or scoring a game winning goal. The players aren’t the only ones; the crowd features 4 times more animations than previous generation. You will see players cheering for you or against you, their their reactions change with every big hit or a successful goal.

NHL 15 will be released for PS4 and Xbox One although there is no release date set for now.

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