EA Would Want Nintendo Switch Gamers to Play Their Games on PS4 and Xbox One

EA revealed during the latest Electronic Arts’ conference call that it would want Nintendo Switch gamers to play their games on Xbox One and PS4.

EA apparently wants Nintendo Switch gamers to continue playing their games on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. During the latest Electronic Arts’ conference call, Chief Executive Officer Andrew Wilson was asked about the possibility of Sims on Nintendo Switch.

In response, Wilson said that Electronic Arts has a lot of data which reveals that many Switch users also own a Sony PS4, Xbox One, or PC. In addition to this, the CEO revealed that most of the Switch owners often choose to play EA games on those platforms.

Aftward, Wilson confirmed that the release of The Sims on Nintendo’s Switch is not an impossible thing. For now, It is just that EA would rather have Switch owners play their games on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Apparently, EA doesn’t feel the need of releasing games on Nintendo Switch because their games are doing a good job of attracting players on existing platforms. Wilson continued to say that the team is very happy with the number of new Sims 4 players drawn in recent months.

However, it’s still possible that we will see some Electronic Arts games like Sims 4, Need for Speed and Apex Legends on Nintendo Switch sometime in the future.

Here’s what Andrew Wilson said about Nintendo Switch support:

We have a lot of data that would suggest a great many Switch owners also own a PlayStation 4 or an Xbox One or a PC and very often choose to play the games that we make on those platforms even though they have a Switch and they enjoy a lot of great content on the Switch. And so there’s always an evaluation process that goes on a case-by-case basis.

And I wouldn’t say that The Sims would never go to the Switch, but I think we’re doing really, really well attracting Sims players. As we said, we did the promotion in the last couple of months and brought in 7 million new Sims players that we expect will engage in that community on a platform that is really tailored to user-generated content, creativity and customization.

After reading the above statement, it’s safe to assume that any EA game including Sims will not arrive on Switch anytime soon. Maybe, EA is working on something for Switch owners behind the doors.

Personally, I would love to play next Need for Speed on Nintendo Switch. EA has yet to officially talk about upcoming Need for Speed.

EA confirmed during the conference call that the next NFS title will be revealed at Gamescom 2019. Since there’s no word of the platforms the game will be available on, we can expect it to arrive on Switch. Another EA game that should arrive on Switch is Plants Vs Zombies.

Hopefully, EA will release Sims 4 for Nintendo Switch sometime soon with cross-play features and progression.

Until that happens, players can play Sims 4 with the latest update on Xbox One and PS4 with EA Access.


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