EA To Extend FIFA 19’s Licenses And Partnerships: Additional Leagues Will Be Added

In the latest annual report, EA has shared that they want to extend FIFA 19's licenses and partnerships. Adding additional leagues for the FIFA series.

One of the biggest EA’s sports earner FIFA; can never be left alone. Neither by the fans nor by the developers. Electronic Arts appear to be taking bold steps for the upcoming FIFA 19. In the latest annual report, Blake J.Jorgensen shared his views that the EA team is looking to extend the licenses for FIFA 19.

He also added that the publishers are always trying to add additional leagues for the FIFA series in favor of their partnerships. The Chinese Super League also seems to play a role.

What makes FIFA stand out from PES series are its attractive licenses. EA’s CFO, Blake J.Jorgensen in the latest financial report of EA particularly emphasized on the development of partnerships. According to him the partnerships with the leagues in the individual countries are an important asset for the successful football simulations.

The EA company acknowledges that not all desired leagues can be found in FIFA series and because of that the company is constantly looking to improve the leagues in any way possible.

It is not only that EA seeks partnership, the leagues also have their interests aligned. In order for leagues to market their product, their players, teams, and stadiums such partnerships are important. Both the brands can reap benefits from such partnerships.

For EA this is a huge advantage to be able to have such partnerships. With that said it is still not clear as there are a lot of details that are still needed to be able to speculate properly on this.

According to CEO of EA Andrew Wilson regions like China, Middle East and Korea have a lot of prospects in regards to the leagues.

Recently we have also had some talks going about, that there might not be a FIFA 19. As the company is considering to add subscription service for each season. The CEO shared his view that there can be an easy way to keep the games updated in order to avoid the annual release as those updates will be enough.

With that said, at this moment it doesn’t seem plausible we can surely expect FIFA 19 as the industry insider Marcus Sellars recently Twitted that Madden and FIFA 19 will be making it on Switch this year. Also even for the subscriptions and updates, we would require a base game so rest assured FIFA 19 will be making its way.