EA DICE Says That Female Battlefield 5 Characters Are Here To Stay In Response To Controversy

In the aftermath of the reveal trailer that showed female Battlefield 5 characters, EA has said that female characters in its games are here to stay, even in past wars.

If you’ve been looking at the toxic cesspit that is YouTube comments over the past few days in response to the Battlefield 5 trailer being released, then you’ll likely see that there are a lot of neckbeards that are unreasonably upset about the presence of female Battlefield 5 characters.

However, EA is not impressed with the sexist shrieking of little children, and has said that female characters are here to stay regardless of what they think. The company said previously that they place fun over historical accuracy in these games. Players will be able to customize their chosen soldiers, so if you don’t want to play with female characters you don’t have to.

People who have been complaining about female Battlefield 5 characters keeping the game from being “realistic” have also been getting shown the sorts of things that make the supposedly “realistic” and “historical” Battlefield franchise anything bug. Things like two players riding on horses and using a flamethrower, pilots ejecting out of their planes and shooting down something with a bazooka before landing back in the same jet, and more.

Even Battlefield 1, which also got some flak for having female soldiers in it, the game wasn’t entirely realistic or historically accurate, such as larger numbers of World War I’s war machines, making them more nimble, and more, all in the interest of (wait for it) fun and gameplay.

Female Battlefield 5 characters likely will become a non-issue when the game comes out so long as it’s fun, and if this game is as good as Battlefield 1 was, hopefully the game will end up being just as popular, especially since EA isn’t putting microtransactions in the game and is saying that all additional content will be free.

Battlefield 5 will be coming out on the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC on October 19 of this year.

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