Yes, E3 2016 Will Have A Mafia 3 Demo

Hangar 13 will have a Mafia 3 demo at E3 2016 for players to get their hands on, and will also be hosting a question-and-answer session.

Mafia 3, the third game in the Mafia series, was only announced last April, but we’ve been getting a ton of new information ever since its trailer came out. With a release date in early October, there’s not much time until the game comes out, and Hangar 13 has announced that there will be a Mafia 3 demo available to play at E3 in June.

Mafia 3 will be taking the story of the game to a new location and a new protagonist, focusing around Lincoln Clay, a Vietnam veteran that’s returning home to the city of New Bordeaux. When an attack by the city’s Italian mafia wipes out the gang that Clay is a part of, he must rebuild his own gang back up from the ground up to get his revenge.

The game promises a new, more action-oriented style of driving, along with a variety of locales in the city include a swamp and city streets.

The Mafia 3 demo will only be a part of the Hangar 13 display at E3. The developers will also be holding a question-and-answer session that will allow gamers that attend the E3 event to learn about everything in the game. The event for Hangar 13 will be held on June 12, a few days before the actual E3 event begins.

Other things we can expect at E3 besides the Mafia 3 demo might also be another trailer for the game, and maybe even a gameplay demo if we’re lucky. We’ve already gotten a few interviews with Hangar 13 and even a video about the game’s driving, so we may get even more information than before.

Adding that to whatever other games that we’ll see at E3 (with Xbox saying that they’ve got a really good show in store this year) and anything new or old with new info that we’ll be seeing, and you might not be able to hold in your excitement.

Mafia 3 is slated to come out on October 7, 2016 for the Xbox One, Playstation 4, PC, and Mac OS.

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