E3 2015: Is A PS4 Price Drop All Sony Has Left To Counter Microsoft?

The battle between PS4 and Xbox One will take a very interesting turn at E3. Is dropping the price of PS4 the only option Sony has left to counter Xbox One?

The war between Sony and Microsoft in the console market is over a decade old. Microsoft’s original Xbox was hammered by the PlayStation 2, but the brand came back strong with the release of Xbox 360.

Now we are into the fourth generation of consoles for Sony and third of Microsoft. Sony has done a tremendous job with the PlayStation 4 while Microsoft shot itself in the foot at the starting-line when it shared its DRM and always online policies for the Xbox One – of course that changed down the road!

On top of that; the high price point seemed like the final nail in the coffin. However, since Phil Spencer took over as the head of Xbox division, the fate of Xbox One changed.

The console that was once considering to be doomed by many, is now a strong force that’s challenging Sony’s new console. The Xbox One even managed to¬†outsell PS4 last month.

Now we are just weeks away from the biggest gaming event of the year: E3.

This year’s event is especially important for Microsoft as it gives them yet another opportunity to take the lead. While Microsoft’s Xbox One is doing well in terms of sales and popularity, it is still considered to be the second best.

Microsoft may not publicly say it in order to show modesty, but they do care about this. They DO NOT want PS4 in the driving seat this generation.

If Microsoft wants to take over the throne, 2015 gives it the best chance of doing so. Sony is short on exclusives, Uncharted 4 is delayed and one of their flagship titles; The Order: 1886 failed to live-up to expectations.

Things could change at E3 as I have high hopes from the title being worked on by Sony Bend. However, will they be able to manage a 2015 release?

Sony’s holiday line-up has never looked weaker!

On the other hand Microsoft did took a hit when Quantum Break got delayed, but it still has plenty of content to offer. Not to mention, the holiday release of Rise of the Tomb Raider.

Sony needs something to hold Microsoft, at least long enough for their developers to be ready with whatever they are working on.

From the looks of it, that “something” can only be a price drop for now. Rumor has it, that PS4 is about to receive a price drop and the announcement may possibly be made an E3.

Sony doesn’t actually need a price drop as their console is selling well, however, sales could take a major hit if Sony fails to come-out guns blazing at E3.

If that does happen, the only weapon Sony will have is a price drop. But will that be enough to counter whatever Microsoft throws at them?

It could be, because a similar strategy was used By Microsoft to cover the distance last year. The company dropped the price, ran several promotional campaigns and offered different bundles and discounts. I see Sony doing the same thing Microsoft did this past holiday season, in order to cover for their lack of first party content.

Like I said, E3 2015 is going to be really interesting folks!

Sarmad is our Senior Editor, and is also one of the more refined and cultured among us. He's 25, a finance major, and having the time of his life writing about videogames.