Report: PS4 and PS Vita Getting Price Drops Soon

Well, it seems fans waiting for a price drop before getting a PS4 or PS Vita may be in luck. According to a new report, Sony may soon drop the price of PlayStation 4 (released in 2013 for $399) and PlayStation Vita (now available for around $199).

The basis of this report is a retail loyalty site by Sony. This is a platform where verified retail employees sign-in to learn more about Sony products and earn rewards. This loyalty site has become the source of some very interesting information.

Members of this site are given a chance to win a PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita and PlayStation Tv. To its members, Sony is also showing the retail value for these items which they are about to win.

Interestingly, while most retailers sell the PlayStation 4 for $399, Sony valued the system for just $349. On top of that, PlayStation Vita is valued at $89. That’s a massive $110 drop.

Sony PS4

Lastly, PlayStation Tv is valued at $99 which is its standard retail price so no discounts there.

Sony’s PlayStation 4 is doing tremendously well around the globe and if they do plan on discounting the console, it will further boost its sales. As for PS Vita, I do think the system needs a price drop but will Sony bring it down to $89? Seems a bit odd doesn’t it?

For now, take this report lighty as Sony hasn’t confirmed anything. They could be saving the announcement for E3 or this could just be a mistake.

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