How to Get Started in Dyson Sphere Program

In this guide, we have detailed How to Get Started in Dyson Sphere Program. We will help you find your way from the moment you touch down on your starting planet all the way to when your Dyson Sphere Program is nearing completion as your interstellar mega factory churns out materials.

How to Get Started in Dyson Sphere Program

Dyson Sphere is a building and resource management game in which players will be building a factory that can span across the galaxy. The aim of the game is to create a factory that will, later on, construct a Dyson Sphere.

Starting with the Basics
When you first land on your planet, your first task will be to deconstruct your landing capsule. To do that, right-click on the landing capsule.

While the capsule deconstructs, open up the tech tree by pressing ‘T’ to start queuing up techs.

Queue the Electromagnetism, Automatic Metallurgy, Basic Logistics System, Basic Assembling Processes and Electromagnetic Matrix techs to start off.

Unlocking them, however, needs some crafting materials, which brings us to the next step.

At the start of your journey in Dyson Sphere, your main aim should be to farm materials, which will be the building blocks for your techs in the factory.

Once your capsule has deconstructed fully, use the Fabricator to craft 10x magnetic coils. These coils will automatically be consumed by the above techs to start off your journey.

When the techs start unlocking, you will start to obtain valuable machinery. One of them in a Mining machine.

You can use the mining machine to mine patches of ores on the planet. Place the machine on the nearest patch of Iron ore you can find to start mining the resource.

Amongst all this, your mech suit also requires energy to keep running. You can fuel your suit by using Fuel rods from your inventory.

The mech suit also passively regains energy when you are standing still, but it is very slow so you are better off using fuel rods so that you can continue making progress.

Next step is to place a Tesla tower close to the Mining machine and a Wind Turbine as well. This will power the mining machine which in return will mine iron ore for you.

You can collect Iron ore from the machine at different intervals and then use them in the Fabricator to craft different components which will be needed to get the remaining techs for your factory.

Open up the tech menu and then view the components you need to unlock the remaining techs. Then craft those components and then unlock the techs. You will also need copper and stone ores for high level techs. So, start mining them as well.

Eventually, you will start running out of fuel rods for your Mech suit. The reactor on your suit can use almost any resource as a fuel.

At the start of the game, you can use coal or wood as a fuel by placing them in the fuel chambers. Wood can be obtained by chopping down plants on the planet.

Conveyor Belts and Storage Containers
As your factory starts coming to life, you will need a proper storage container, as your inventory does not have infinite space.

You can choose to build storage containers one at a time or build a couple of them together if you have the required resources.

You can use the Fabricator to build the storage containers for your factory.

The next addition to your factory should be Iron conveyor belts. For this, you need to have enough ore mined.

You can setup a bunch of mining machines on different types of ores and provide them uninterrupted power using turbines and tesla towers.

Make sure to have 2 mining machines each on coal and iron ores, as they are the most required resources.

Connect the Tesla towers and turbines together and make sure that the energy levels are 100% at all times so that the mining machines keep running at full speed.

Conveyor belts will help carry items and resources from one place to another place or to a storage unit.

Sorters are arms at different points of the conveyor belt that take things out of a place or put them inside.

Make sure to set up conveyor belts and sorters from mining stations to storage units so that you won’t have to worry about collecting the farmed resources manually.

Rather, they will automatically be stored into the storage containers for you.

The next thing to add to your factory is a Smelting station. Gather enough resources so that you can construct six smelters and connect them together using 12 sorters.

Now connect the Smelting station with 2 mining machines, which are mining iron ore. This will create a system that takes in iron ore from the mining station and smelts it into iron ingots.

At the other end of the conveyor belt, construct some assemblers which will craft the iron ingots into gears and store them in a storage container.

So, in short, you have created a gear crafting and storage system in your factory.

The main purpose of it is to have a lot of gears at hand, as they are required in large amounts as you progress through the game.

Copper and Magnet Belts
Once you have set up a system to manufacture gears for you, your next aim will be to craft copper ingots and magnets.

For Copper, the process is exactly the same as for iron, construct six smelters and connect them together using 12 sorters.

Now connect the Smelting station with 2 mining machines, which are mining copper ore. This will create a system that takes in copper ore from the mining station and smelts it into copper ingots.

For magnets, however, the process is a little bit different. You will be intaking iron ore like the gears, but instead, you will have to construct 9 smelters for magnets.

This will take the number of sorters up to 18. The time to smelt the iron ore into magnets will also increase by 0.5 seconds to a total of 1.5 seconds.

Dyson Sphere Program Research
Now that you have set up processes to craft the important materials, the next step will be to create a Research Factory so that you can start your progress to expand to the stars.

Start constructing 18 Matrix Labs, which are needed to create a Research Factory.

In order to craft ‘blue matrix cubes’, you will need magnetic coils and circuits. Place 8 assemblers near the in-construction matrix labs and connect them with three conveyor belts which will bring resources to them.

This will be the automation of Magnetic coils and circuits.

When your Matrix Labs are done being constructed, connect the coil and circuit belt to these labs so that they start producing blue matrix cubes.

The blue matrix cubes will be required to research and unlock higher techs.

Make sure that you have a storage container close to the Matrix Labs so that when there is a surplus of blue matrix coming from the assemblers, it can be stored here, ready for the next project.

Set the labs to research mode to unlock the techs you have obtained.

Doing all of these things will give you enough of an idea of the game so that you can continue on your adventures.

As you progress through the game and reach higher levels, more and more complex materials and researches will unlock.

And it will be up to you to use your knowledge and learning to use those materials to progress your factor further.

Tips and Tricks

We have the following tips and tricks for you to follow in Dyson Sphere Program so that you can get a quick start into the game.

Mine Copper and Iron at the Start
As discussed above, Iron and Copper are the most required resources at the start of Dyson Sphere Program.

The game has many high-level resources as well, which you will use when as you progress through the game. But at the start of your journey, Iron and Copper are key resources.

Iron and Copper is needed to make basic building structures at the start to get their factory up and running.

And majority of the structures require iron or copper ores to build.

Stock up on Fuel
The mech suit you have needs power to run. If you run out of power, then you will have to recharge in order to keep moving.

Your suit has a reactor that can use anything as fuel to keep your suit running. You can use any type of resource, like plants, ores, etc., to use as fuel for your suit.

These materials can be found in great amounts throughout your planet.

The game has made it simple enough for the players. So as long as the players do not forget to just keep fueling the suit, they will be good to keep on going and building up the factory.

Space out your structures
In Dyson Sphere Program, you have a large amount of space to construct your factory on.

So make sure to fully utilize the large amount of area and leave spaces between structures so that it is easy to find a specific building.

It will also become easier to lay down conveyor belts and sorters between structures.

Keep Factory Power Levels in Check
Make sure to keep the power levels of your factories to the maximum, as lower power levels will result in slowing down of the connected structures.

Make sure you have a surplus of Turbines and Tesla towers so that this never happens.

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