Dying Light 2 Interview: Techland Discuss New Zombies, Kyle, Vehicles, And More

We recently had a chat with Techland about new zombies, the future of Kyle, and much more. Segmentnext: Will there...

We recently had a chat with Techland about new zombies, the future of Kyle, and much more.

Segmentnext: Will there be more vehicles like the Dune Buggy in Dying Light 2? Or is it still heavily focused on foot

Dying Light is a game with parkour, and natural movement in its DNA so driving was always – and still is – an additional gameplay element, something that adds spice and variety to our open world. There are no plans to have Dune Buggies featured in Dying Light 2 to the extent of Dying Light: The Following, but no one is saying we’ll not follow the model from the first game, with the add-on providing them to the game… along with a map really suitable for driving.

Segmentnext: Besides the returning grappling hook, are there any unique new ways to traverse the environment?
The grappling hook is just one of the Tools you’ll be able to use to traverse the environment. We’re not revealing everything yet, but at E3 2019 we have shown a paraglider, which allows you to clear huge gaps between buildings without touching the ground. There are also other gadgets like that. The cool thing is that all of them are upgradeable so the grappling hook you receive at the start is not the same that you’ll end the game with… of course, if you make the right choices.

Segmentnext: Can we expect new types of zombies besides the ones established in the last game?

Yes, but there are only a few I can reveal at this time. One of the additions is the Degenerate, a weak Infected, burned by the sun’s UV rays. He’s almost like a doll, a mannequin, that you don’t pay much attention to… but when you focus on something else suddenly they surround you. Please stay tuned, we’ll talk about our infected not that long from today.

Segmentnext: Will we ever play as Kyle Crane again or know what happened to him? Are the stories connected in any way?

Dying Light 2 takes place in the same universe, but in a different city, and in a different time period – 15 years after the events of the first game. We also have a new protagonist, Aiden Caldwell, so basically this is a new story. But of course we love our characters as much as our community does, so rest assured you’ll find references to familiar faces. Some will be more visible, some you’ll have to look for to find. And as for Kyle… We all know what happened to him [laugh].

Segmentnext: What’s the multiplayer like? Are there any plans for it? Perhaps PvP modes?

This is one thing I’m unfortunately unable to speak about right now. The important piece of information is that Dying Light 2 supports 4 player co-op, and this is an especially big thing in this game, which is so non-linear, with a lot of alternatives. We’ve found out during our tests, that co-op can be the primary way to experience all of the other versions of our world and our story, especially considering the fact that when you play in co-op you, you always either invite people to your world or visit their versions of The City.

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