Dying Light 2 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One is Too Ambitious: Techland

Techland producer says they still have to figure out if Dying Light 2 can be mad eon Xbox One and PS4 or if it is too ambitious for the consoles.

So you loved Dying Light and would love to play Dying Light 2 on your consoles? Well, I wish that wish was reciprocated by the developers but Techland isn’t so sure.

The game producer Tymon Smektala even went on to say that the idea of a sequel on the same consoles might turn out to be too ambitious!

Indeed that is a first for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One ever since their launch, but yes there is going to come a time when these consoles turn into machines that are lacking technologically.

Of course, we’re not talking about [Dying Light 2] just yet. But the reason for that is that it is too early. We have lots of very ambitious ideas so first we need to check if these ideas are even doable with the tech that the current consoles provide.

This time at Techland is very important for you if you are eagerly waiting for Dying Light 2. While the developers say that there is a lot going on inside the studio and that they already “have a very clear idea of what we can do with the IP and with the universe of Dying Light,” they need to prototype things and not talk about it yet.

Things appear to be in good hands with The Following DLC being treated as one of the investments by Techland into the franchise. They are hoping to expand the game well in the sequel i.e. Dying Light 2.

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