Dying Light 2 Is Powered By A New C-ENGINE, Aims For 60 FPS On Console

Dying Light 2 includes an upgraded engine called C-ENGINE and Techland is also aiming for 60 frames per second on all consoles.

Dying Light 2 is in works and we saw the demo of the game at E3 which provided us with a lot of details regarding the improvements made to the game including the combat and AI changes.

There are a lot of improvements made in Dying Light 2 which involves a brand new engine called C-ENGINE. Tymon Smektała, lead designer of the game revealed in an interview that team has upgraded its engine from the previous Chrome Engine to the new C-Engine.

In an interview with DigitalFoundry, Smektała explained that upgrading the engine is due to Techland to work on the first person open world games. C-Engine is designed to submerge the players in the ”high fidelity worlds” in the first person.

C-Engine also plays a role in the new morality system in the game which gives more control to the AI players in the game. AI will get the best out of the players and will also help them survive in dangerous situations.

Techland also revealed that they are aiming for 60 FPS on all consoles including the Xbox One, PS4, and PC. Smektała went to say that they have included people from Ubisoft to work on the animations of the game.

Dying Light 2 will have more branching stories, player reactive choices and each player can have his own version of the city in Dying Light 2.

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