How to Assign Structures to Factions in Dying Light 2

In Dying Light 2, you have the option to Assign various facilities to different factions in the game. This guide will help you understand how to assign different Structures to different factions in Dying Light 2 and the difference between each faction.

Dying Light 2 Faction Structures

As you parkour through Dying Light 2, you will come across various facilities that you can take over. These are mostly in the form of Power Stations, Wind Mills and Water Towers.

You can unlock these facilities by climbing them and clearing them of the zombies inside these places. Once you do, you can assign the Facility to either of the two factions in Dying Light 2: The Peacekeepers or The Survivors.

The faction to which you assign the facility will take over all the structures in the surrounding area and will modify the areas according to their needs.

How to Assign Structures in Dying Light 2

Structures in an area cannot be individually assigned to different factions. All the structures in an area will automatically go to the faction to which you have assigned the facility.

If you have not assigned the facility to any faction, you will get the message “To Unlock Faction Structures Assign Facility in the Zone” when you unlock any of the structures.

Difference between the Factions

Both factions have their own way of setting up their zones.

If you assign the facility and its zone to Peacekeepers, they will have more traps set around in the zone, allowing you to kill multiple enemies by baiting them from a distance.

On the other hand, assigning a zone to Survivors will give you more parkour-friendly obstacles around the zones. This makes it easier and safer to travel across the zone.

Other than the obstacle ramification, assigning zones to different zones will result in different faction-specific quests and sub-quests appearing in the area. You can expect to see different NPCs in the assigned areas.

Effects of assigning Facilities

Assigning facilities and zones to different factions do affect your story narrative. These decisions have both moral and structural ramifications in the game, since assigning the facility will provide the faction will complete control over the area.

Assigning a faction more zones over the other do not affect your other storyline decisions. This also doesn’t affect the outcome of the plot. The only difference is that you will see different NPCs and quests in the area. These are directly tied to the faction that have control over the zone.

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