Dying Light 2 Easter Eggs Guide

In this guide, we'll go over all of the Easter eggs you can find in Dying Light 2 and what each of these references mean.

Dying Light 2 contains subtle nods to Techland’s original zombie game, Dead Island as well as other pop culture references. In this guide, we’ll go over all of the Easter eggs you can find in Dying Light 2.

Dying Light 2 Easter Eggs

Following the example of the original Dying Light, Dying Light 2 contains a plethora of Easter Eggs. Continue reading to learn about all of the Easter Eggs in DL2 related to Covid-19, and others in general.


In Pilgrim’s Path, a prologue mission, Aiden and other pilgrims will explore an abandoned mansion. You can interact with various artifacts scattered throughout the mansion to learn more about the infection.

While exploring the mansion for clues about the source of the infection, you’ll come across a banner advertising an “end-of-the-world” party. It is the first Easter egg.

Who Do You Voodoo?

A record player can be found in one of the mansion’s rooms. When you interact with the record player, it will begin playing the song ‘Who Do You Voodoo?’ Seams familiar, right? Well, you might remember it from the game’s introductory cutscene of Dead Island.

Dying Light Theme Tune

The very next Easter egg can be found in the same room as the previous one (Who Do You Voodoo?). Again, you’ll need the patience to find this Easter egg. Spike will become bored and move to the Grand Piano room if you stay in the room long enough.

Spike will eventually sit down by the piano in the Grand Piano room and begin playing the Dying Light theme song on the piano.


Spike will catch a glimpse of the Atmosphere reclaimed by nature as you travel through the Wilderness. Instead of being happy, he’ll be sad, wishing Crane could see this scenery, but sadly he isn’t present.

He’ll become depressed and long to reunite with his friends who were separated during the events of Dying Light 1. This is a reference to the epic ending of Dying Light 1.

Radio Antenna

In order to wake up and leave the old mill, you’ll need to claim the night runner sleeping bed. An old tower stands outside the mill. As you pass by it, Aiden says, “I’m glad I don’t have to climb that thing.”

Other games, such as Ubisoft’s, would have had you climb it to find nearby regions. On the other hand, Aiden has a tower mechanic in the game.

The Hoverboard

Several Hoverboard components can be found throughout the map. Collecting all components enables you to use a hoverboard parkour trial in the Hoverboard Secret Parkour challenge. This Hoverboard, however, cannot be used elsewhere.

Here are the locations where you can find the Hoverboard components in DL2.

  • Church of St. Thomas The Apostle
  • The right side of a Bridge, in the southeast corner of the Muddy Grounds District.
  • In a trunk at the corner of Muddy Grounds.

Dying Light 2 Covid-19 Easter Eggs

In Dying Light 2, you’ll find some references related to Covid-19 as well. It is unclear whether they are about Covid-19 or not, but they appear to be about Covid-19. Here are some Easter Eggs related to Covid-19 that you’ll find in Dying Light 2.

Wash your hands

Throughout the game, there are banners requesting players to wash their hands. Since THV is not spread through contact, it most likely refers to Covid-19. There is evidence that you can get a fever from the Villedor gas in the comic. So maybe it’s a nod to that comic as well.

2-meter distance broadcast

You will travel to a GRE facility during one of the main storyline objectives. One of the rooms in the GRE facility area has a speaker announcement commanding everyone to stand two meters apart. This might potentially be a reference to either the Covid-19 or the Dying Light 2 Villedor gas comic.

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