DualSense Reportedly Fixes The Old DS4 Input Lag

The new DualSense controller of PlayStation 5 has reportedly addressed an issue which previously affected the old DualShock 4 controller.

Taking to Reddit earlier today, user “dospaquetes” reminded everyone that DualShock 4 had input lag on PlayStation 4 and more so when wired than when being used wirelessly. With DualSense however, Sony Interactive Entertainment has seemingly put an end to that inconsistency.

After testing DualSense in a few games including Astro’s Playroom, Spider-Man Remastered, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, and Rocket League, results state that there are no “statistically significant differences” between using the new PlayStation 5 controller in wired or wireless form.

The average input lag also remains constant between both forms, meaning that players will not experience more input lag when using a wired DualSense as they used to with DualShock 4.

While many players will not even notice or care, input lag is something very concerning for competitive players who want to take every advantage possible. Sony having perfected DualSense hence makes it comforting for players, particularly those taking part in large-scale tournaments, without worrying about any connectivity issues.

Input lag, for those unaware, is the time between when a player inputs an in-game action and when that action gets registered in the game. That makes it the delay between pressing a button to block an attack, for example, and the in-game character blocking. A large enough delay might have the player block after the attack has already been made, making input lag sometimes frustrating to deal with, especially in online multiplayer matches.

DualSense however is not without its own technical issues. The controller has reportedly been drifting for many players ever since PlayStation 5 was launched a few months back. The issue has forced a specialist class action law firm to sue Sony for “being aware of the drift defect through online consumer complaints…and through its own pre-release testing” but still selling DualSense as a “defective controller” to the public.

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