Some DualSense Controllers Have Started Drifting

The infamous drifting issue is surprisingly plaguing a few DualSense controllers barely a month into the PlayStation 5 launch.

For those unaware, a controller is said to be drifting when its analogue sticks start moving on their own without any human input from players. The automated movements can greatly hamper gameplay and leave players with no choice but to either repair the defective controller or purchase a replacement.

Several players have already gone online in the past couple of weeks (via GamingBible) to confirm their drifting DualSense controllers in various games. The first few complains originated in Call of Duty: Warzone where the PS5 controller was registering movements on its own. While initially believed to be an isolated problem, more Warzone players have since then confirmed to be experiencing the same drifting issues with their new controllers.

Just noticed my Dualsense drifts 🙁 from r/PS5

Destiny 2 and Spider-Man: Miles Morales are some of the other games where DualSense controllers have been drifting as well. Sony Interactive Entertainment has not issued a statement on the matter at the time of writing but drifting does seem to be a concern this early in the new console generation. The problem is clearly not isolated to a specific game or a specific player. Just how widespread the problem is remains to be seen.

Dualsense Drift from r/PS5

The Joy-Con controllers of Nintendo Switch and the Xbox One controllers, including the new Elite Series 2 lineup, have all been suffering from drifting issues as well. Nintendo and Microsoft are even facing lawsuits for selling defective products with the intent of forcing players to keep purchasing replacements.

The new PS5 controller features haptic feedback sensors and adaptive triggers, making it a worthy next-generation peripheral. DualSense retails for $70 and which means that purchasing replacements are not going to be cheap by any means.

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