DualSense Also Works With PS3, PC, Switch, But Not PS4

The new DualSense wireless controller of PlayStation 5 reportedly works with several different platforms and devices; all except the most recent PlayStation 4.

DualSense alongside other PS5 accessories became available for purchase in the United States on the weekend. It was hence only normal for excited next-generation consumers, particularly online content makers, to purchase the controller for breakdowns and compatibility tests ahead of the PS5 launch.

According to shared previews (via VGC) since the weekend, PS4 is unable to recognize DualSense. PS3 however does recognize the next-generation controller but only wirelessly, which is likely because the legacy console has built-in compatibility with generic bluetooth devices. PS4 on the other hand only (strictly) allows supported bluetooth devices.

DualSense furthermore works with PC and surprisingly also with Nintendo Switch. The hybrid console though requires a third-party adaptor to connect the controller which can be found quite easily.


Take note that PS5 does work with DualShock 4 controller of PS4 but for only PS4 cross-generation games via backwards compatibility. PS5 games will still require a DualSense, as confirmed by Sony Interactive Entertainment a while ago.

Connecting a controller and using its exclusive features though are two different things. DualSense may work with PC and Nintendo Switch but its new adaptive triggers and haptic feedback will probably be exclusive to PS5. The features rely on the developers and unless their games are coming to other platforms, the only way to experience adaptive triggers and haptic feedback will be on PS5.

PS5 and its all-digital edition launch on November 10, 2020, for $500 and $400 respectively. DualSense retails at $70 for those interested in purchasing a secondary controller.

Saqib Mansoor is a managing editor at segmentnext.com who has halted regime changes, curbed demonic invasions, and averted at least one cosmic omnicide from the confines of his gaming chair.