How to Drive F2 Cars in F1 22

This guide brings you all the information about driving F2 Cars in F1 22 including the advantages of these fast vehicles.

Driving a Formula car is the childhood dream of every kid. F1 22 brings you a realistic experience of how a Formula Car works. With the addition of F2 cars in F1 22, there is a slight learning curve. To help you with it, this guide brings you all the information about driving F2 Cars in F1 22.

How to Drive F2 Cars in F1 22

If you thought that F1 cars are fast, you surely haven’t driven an F2 car in F1 22 because they are on a whole new level. On the outside, they might look like the same car but driving an F2 car is a whole new experience and requires tons of practice and getting used to.

Before you jump behind the wheel of an F2 car there are some key differences you will have to know about so you can have a smoother transition from an F1 to an F2 car.

F2 cars have less horsepower than an F1 car but F2 cars have much less downforce than an F1 car. Lower downforce will reduce the total drag force on the car which will make the car faster in a straight line.

When you reduce the downforce on a car, it will make stopping the car much harder and this effect will be highlighted the most during sharp turns. The F2 car comes with DRS (Drag Reduction System) that will further reduce the drag on the car making it faster.

On top of that, F2 cars don’t have ERS (Energy Recovery System) that is present in an F1 car. ERS stores all of the waste energy during a lap and gives the car a temporary boost after they are slowed down at a turn.

In an F2 car race, all the teams have identical cars so the driver will be the make or break. Now that we have discussed all the key differences, let’s discuss how to drive an F2 car.

Following are the tips you can follow while driving an F2 car.

  • Because an F2 car is much harder to slow down so you will have to brake earlier than usual when you are making a turn.
  • Due to the absence of ERS, you will have to adjust your throttle accordingly.
  • Lesser downforce will make the acceleration much faster so be careful while pushing the car after a turn.
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