How to Wake Remy Sleeping in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Apart from doing puzzles and solving the mysteries of the world in Disney Dreamlight Valley, if you want to hang out with your favorite characters or do quests for them, you have to vary their sleeping schedules. This guide will focus on Remy’s sleeping schedule and how you can wake him up in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Remy Sleep Schedule

Dreamlight Valley is based on a synced time clock, which means the in-game world is synced to the real-time clock. If you try to approach Remy at the night, you will find him sleeping around but in the daytime he is awake.

You will not be able to play the game at night since most of the characters will be asleep at night.

How to Wake up Remy

You can certainly do a bit of a workaround to avoid this and play at night time as well. Since Dreamlight valley is single-player.

You can simply adjust the time of your pc or console whatever you are playing to avoid playing in the daytime and continue your journey even at the night. This may be considered cheating to some players and since it’s a single-player game it won’t affect anyone.

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