Drake Never Settled His $5K Fortnite Bet According To Ninja

During Ninja's Fortnite broadcast with famous rapper Drake, the latter betted $5.000 into whether or not they'll win. The debt was never settled though.

Remember that incredibly popular broadcast of Twitch streamer Ninja where he was joined by rapper Drake into a game of Fortnite? During that stream, Drake betted Ninja $5000 on whether they win their game or not. However, according to Ninja, Drake never settled his debt but he’s cool with it.

Ninja is most possibly the most famous Twitch streamer right now, having a steady viewer count of 100.000 each day. Back in March, he co-streamed with Drake, breaking a record on the platform for most people watching a single stream with 600.000 viewers. The duo was later joined by NFL player JuJu Smith-Schuster and Travis Scott adding more shock value to the mix.

During that broadcast, Ninja and Drake took on a bet for $5.000 if they won the game and eventually he lost. This doesn’t come as a surprise since Ninja is an amazingly good player on Fortnite, resulting the two of them getting that sweet victory.

Yesterday though, it was reported by HotNewHipHop that Ninja revealed that Drake never kept his end of the bargain and never paid up the $5.000 he owed. The famous streamer isn’t sad about it since he preferred making a “meaningful connection” with the rapper rather than taking his money.

To put this sum in numbers, it’s just a drizzle in a lake since, according to Forbes, Drake’s monthly income goes up to $600,000 a month. Ninja isn’t far behind though since he has more than 140.000 Twitch subscribers resulting to more than $400.000 per month, not counting his promotion offers and Twitch donations.

Interestingly, Ninja has previously stated that he was “used” by Drake for popularity, something that he later debunked as a joke. He said:

“I feel like Drake saw that I was up-and-coming in the gaming scene, and he thought it would be a perfect way to just tap into another source of viewers by playing with me.”

Drake has revealed that he’s a big fan of Fortnite. He even went to the extent of promising to make a rap song about the famous battle royale title but only if Epic Games includes Hotline Bling to their emotes. Do we even want to see that happening?

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