Dragon’s Dogma PC Release Details Revealed

Dragon's Dogma is coming to the PC in January featuring added features as well as the expansions previously released on the console release.

Dragon’s Dogma is making its way to PC, and although this was revealed back in September it seems that a few more details have been revealed online. These include the release date, price, and what will be released in the game.

On Capcom’s Germany site they revealed that the game will be released onto the PC January 15, 2016. This will be the graphically improved and expanded version of the game that includes the Dark Arisen extensions (Gram-island, new quests, enemies, and armour). The price will be 29.99 euros, 24.99 GBP and 29.99 USD. The German site confirms that both digital and physical release are priced the same (for Europe at least).

Added features for the PC will include mouse and keyboard support, higher resolution graphics, optional gamepad control, and Steam Achievements. These are pretty much expected from a newly released PC game, but as this is a port of an older console game they are nice features to see coming to the PC.

If there is enough interest for Dragon’s Dogman games, this may also see the release of Dragon’s Dogma Online. The free to play MMORPG was released for PC, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 in Japan recently, so there may be a chance of a release in the West soon.

With the release of Dragon’s Dogma on the PC this could be a test to see if fans are still invested in these games and if Capcom should look into the online game.

Are you looking forward to the PC release of Dragon’s Dogma? Would you like the online game to make its way to the West? Let us know your thoughts below.

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