Dragon’s Dogma Online Western Release Still Possible According To Game Director

Game Director Kento Kinoshita seems to be interested in a Dragon's Dogma Online Western release once the game has a solid foundation in Japan

Dragon’s Dogma Online Western release is possible once the game gets a strong player base in Japan according to game director Kento Kinoshita. The MMORPG version of the popular 2010 Action RPG has been available in Japan for some time now.

While laying out his plans to improve the game during Season Two, which started earlier this summer, Kento hinted in Capcom’s latest annual report that a Dragons Dogma Online Western release wasn’t entirely out of the question.

The original game, Dragon’s Dogma was released on PS3 and Xbox 360 back in 2012, with an expansion titled Dark Arisen releasing the year after that. A remastered version of the game including base game as well as Dark Arisen content was released on PC earlier this year to stellar reviews.

While development of Dragon’s Dogma Online had been ongoing for some time, the game was made available to public in 2015 on PS3, PS4 and PC as a free to play title. However, at that time the release was only available for Japanese market with no word on any western release.

Judging by the continued support of developers for the online game, it doesn’t seem like the game will be dying any time soon as Kento revealed that the development team has already started working on the framework for season 3.

With a Dragon’s Dogma Online Western release, fans of the series who have been begging for a sequel will finally be able to get their hands on what is essentially a sequel although not titled as such. The MMORPG contains an entirely new storyline and is not just a multiplayer mode tacked on to the original game.

The report, while talking about Season Two said:

The world of online games spreads ever outward. Once we have established a solid foundation in Japan I’d like to consider bringing this game overseas, where there are a great many online game players.

It is unclear what Kento or Capcom consider a solid foundation but if the game hasn’t achieved that yet, even after being released on three platforms with cross-platform play support, it is unlikely that “solid foundation” will ever come in the eyes of the investors.

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