Dragon’s Dogma Online Goes Past 1M Downloads

Dragon's Dogma Online is downloaded over 1 million times in Japan, according to developer Capcom.

Dragon’s Dogma Online has been downloaded by 1 million users, while total sales of the franchise has gone past 2.3 million. Simultaneous links are above 100,000, meaning this game has a strong start to becoming a new core title.

The game is available to download in Japan but I believe many users outside of the region have also got their hands on it as well. The bad news is that there is no word on a release date outside of Japan, but rumor has it that Capcom will announce it soon.

How true that is can’t be said but we’ll know in the coming weeks. However, Capcom is planning to introduce it in other Asian markets and will monitor trends in the region.

Capcom will actively conduct a series of campaigns in Japan and overseas to boost user numbers. Plans also call for increasing collaboration with “Capcom Bar”, produced by Pasela Resorts. Capcom will also monitor trends with an eye on introducing the game to Asian markets.

Dragon’s Dogma Online is available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PC.

Would you like to see Dragon’s Dogma Online in the west as well? Or have you downloaded the JP version already? Let us know down below.

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