Best Dragon’s Dogma 2 Fighter Build: Skills, Augments, And Gear

To excel as the Fighter in Dragon's Dogma 2, you must first build one properly. In this guide, we show you exactly how to do that.

The Fighter is one of four default Vocations in Dragon’s Dogma 2. This class is your standard shield and sword Knight archetype, excelling at melee combat and tanking. The Fighter is one of the easiest Vocations to use in the game, but building it cannot be easy if you don’t know the ins and outs of this class. 

In this guide, we’ll review a complete Fighter build in Dragon’s Dogma 2. We’ll discuss the pros and cons of this profession, as well as the best skills and weapons. Furthermore, we’ll discuss the best equipment to use with a Fighter and how to build a party that perfectly complements its strengths and overcomes its weaknesses. 

Dragon’s Dogma 2 Fighter Build Overview  

Fighters are your first line of defense in Dragon’s Dogma 2 and will always lead the charge when going into battle. Fighters are generally known for their high survivability and tanking potential, given that they use a shield.  

This Vocation consumes a lot of stamina when using melee attacks or blocking, so you’ll need to constantly monitor your stamina when engaging enemies. Below, we’ve provided a brief overview of this class.  

Pros High survivability  
Tanking potential  
Good at crowd control 
Cons Limited ranged options 
Constant stamina monitoring  
Skills Blink Strike / Burst Strike  
Impeccable Guard / Flawless Guard 
Compass Slash / Full Moon Slash  
Airward Slash / Cloudward Slash 
Augmentations Mettle  
Equipment Sword  Stalwart Sword 
Shield Continental Shield 
Head Armor  Fiendish Armet 
Body Armor Thrasher’s Surcoat 
Leg Armor Vigilant Greaves 
Cloak Any Cloak of your choosing 
Ring #1 Ring of Triumph  
Ring #2 Ring of Grit  
Best Party Composition  Main pawn Sorcerer 
Pawn #2 Archer 
Pawn #3 Mage / Warrior  

Character Creation Recommendations 

When creating a character, the most important thing to consider is your character’s height when opting for a fighter build. The Fighter takes up the tank role and is your party’s first line of defense in Dragon’s Dogma 2. As such, they need to brandish heavy armor and wield a sword and a shield. Select the following fields in character creation.

  • Height – 190
  • Torso Length – 40
  • Muscle Strength – 50
  • Traps Size – -15
  • Upper Body Muscle Mass – 75
  • Lower Body Muscle Mass – 20
  • Upper Body Size – -35
  • Lower Body Size – 0

Best Weapons For Fighter

Fighters can wield swords and maces. The former deals slashing damage, while the latter deals strike damage. Since you can equip a shield with striking damage, we recommend equipping a sword to maximize your damage output variety.  

The best sword to use with the fighter is the Stalwart Sword. This sword inflicts 100 Slash Damage and has a knockdown power of 245. Additionally, it also has a strength of 313. The best shield for this class is the Continental Shield, which has a Knockdown Power 248 and can inflict 100 Strike Damage. Additionally, it has a strength of 95.  


Once you reach the endgame, we highly recommend acquiring Dragon’s Dogma and/or Dragon’s Aegis melee weapons to increase your effectiveness.

Like all other Vocations, this build’s meat is in its skills. In Dragon’s Dogma 2, you can equip up to four skills at a time. Below, we’ve listed four of the best skills to use for the Fighter.  

Best Skills Selection For Fighter In Dragon’s Dogma 2

  • Blink Strike / Burst Strike – This skill allows you to close the distance between you and your enemies and also allows you to position yourself appropriately quickly. Since Fighters are on the frontlines, they mustn’t be out of melee range for too long, and this skill ensures this. Blink / Burst Strike is especially useful against single targets and large boss-type enemies.  
  • Impeccable Guard / Flawless Guard – This is your main defensive skill, as it allows you to break out of stagger locking should you find yourself in such a situation. Impeccable and Flawless Guard is great at crowd control and is especially useful against large groups of enemies but can also be used against bosses. It can be used while you’re being staggered.
  • Compass Slash / Full Moon Slash: While this skill cannot be used if you’re being staggered, it deals a lot more damage and is better at quickly killing enemies than just knocking them down. To make the most of this skill, use it as a follow-up to Impeccable / Flawless Guard.  
  • Airward Slash / Cloudward Slash: This skill allows you to shoot up in the air, damaging flying enemies and ground enemies near you when you use this attack. Since Fighters do not have ranged capabilities, this skill is perfect for adding more nuance to combat. While it won’t replace the roles of Archers or Sorcerers, it is still highly useful, both as an offensive attack and a defensive attack, should you find yourself surrounded by enemies.  

Best Augmentations 

You can equip up to six augmentations on your character in Dragon’s Dogma 2. These are the best ones to use for the Fighter class: 

  • Mettle: Mettle increases your physical defense. This is your main augmentation, allowing you to tank lots of damage. Since that is your role, this is crucial. It also helps keep you alive if you make a mistake and get hit.
  • Thew: This augment increases your carry capacity. Since Fighters must carry lots of heavy equipment, Thew prevents you from becoming over-encumbered. You won’t be able to rely on your pawns to carry your equipment since they will likely be squishy. So the burden falls on you, literally.
  • Exaltation: Exaltation increases the rate at which stamina regenerates. Stamina management is a central part of playing a Fighter, and this augment makes this facet a little easier and allows you more leeway during combat. Your heaviest attacks will require lots of stamina so having some regenerations will help you out.
  • Vitality: This augment increases your maximum health. Since Fighters take a lot of damage, this augment is pivotal in ensuring you don’t die too quickly. You tank more, stay in the fight longer, and take out more enemies efficiently.
  • Beatitude: Beatitude increases the amount of health recovered when using health potions. This augment complements and enhances the effects of Vitality.   
  • Zeal: Zeal reduces the amount of stamina consumed when using Weapon Skills. This augment gives you more uses for your skills before your stamina completely drains. This works in tandem with Exaltation allowing you to dish more damage out in a fight.

Equipment Selection

In Dragons Dogma 2, equipment is broken into head, body, leg armor, cloaks, and rings. As far as the armor is concerned, for the fighter, you want to pick pieces that net you the greatest damage resistance and prevent you from getting knocked down.  

  • Head Armor—Fiendish Armet: The Fiendish Armet provides 80 standard Defense and 34 Magick Defense. It also has a Knockdown Resistance of 24 and a Slash and Strike Resistance of 2 each.  
  • Body Armor – Thrasher’s Surcoat: This body armor provides 176 standard and 70 Magick Defense. It has a high Knockdown resistance of 57. It does not provide any Slash or Strike resistance.  
  • Leg Armor – Vigilant Greaves: The Vigilant Greaves grant the wearer a standard Damage Defense of 116 and Magick Defense of 42. It has a Knockdown Resistance of 36, and while it doesn’t provide Strike Resistance, it provides 2 Slash Resistance.  
  • Cloak – Any Cloak of your choosing: Cloaks don’t significantly impact your builds, so pick any you like.  
  • Ring #1 – Ring of Triumph: The Ring of Triumph increases your health and stamina by 100 and your carrying capacity by +5. While other rings enhance your stamina, health, and carrying capacity, none benefit all three at once.  
  • Ring #2—Ring of Grit: This ring reduces stamina consumption by +25% when using shields. It is extremely useful for Fighters, as they often use shields in combat.  

Depending on how you want to play your character, alternatively, you can pick either of these rings: 

  • Ring of Profusion: Increases carrying capacity by +10. 
  • Ring of Quickening: Increases stamina recovery rate by +10%.  

Best Party Composition for Fighter  

Since the Fighter is a melee character, your party should mainly consist of ranged Pawns that deal damage and provide support in Dragon’s Dogma 2, while you take the heat and enemies away from them.  

Main pawn—Mage: Your main pawn should be a Mage. A Mage perfectly complements a Fighter and all other melee Vocations, as they can provide you with enchantments and buffs, heal you, and deal ranged attacks.  

Pawn #2—Archer: Archers are more limited in utility and buffs and are purely for ranged attacks. Your Archer Pawn will work much like the Mage’s, fighting from a distance while you face the enemy head-on.  

Pawn #3 – Mage / Warrior: For your last Pawn, you can pick either a Mage or Warrior, depending on your playstyle. If you want more manpower upfront, selecting a Warrior is the way to go. However, if you want additional ranged damage, healing, and buffs, pick a mage.  

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