Dragon’s Crown Boss Battle Guide – Tips and Strategy

Tips and strategies to defeat every boss in Dragon's Crown. Find out which foe you will encounter each path you take and how you can defeat them.

Dragon’s Crown is a side scrolling dungeon crawler RPG game. As such it would be an affront to all things that are good and pure if it didn’t include a whole stable of epic boss fights, and the game does not disappoint.

There is a total of eighteen boss fights across nine different levels. When you begin a stage, you are asked whether you want to do it’s ‘A’ path or ‘B’ path (the difference being in difficulty, rooms and the boss fight).

Here I will be listing all the bosses you face in the game, as well as helpful strategies for you to utilize when fighting them. I will be going by stage, and will talk about both the bosses for that stage before moving on to the next one.

Dragon’s Crown Boss Battle Strategy

Ghost Ship Cove

Pirates – (Path A)
This is basically just an enourmous number of pirates trying to zerg rush you and your party. Individually they’re pretty weak, and together they’re not really much concern either. What can make this fight difficult is the Genie’s Lamp.

One of the pirates in this fight appears carrying a genie lamp. This genie can be a big gamechanger in the fight so make sure to take out the lamp holder ASAP. You can then protect the lamp as it lies on the ground or even pick it up and use it against the enemies. Take down the hordes to win the fight.

Kraken – (Path B)
First of all, know that you have a limited amount of time to beat the Kraken in this boss fight. The kraken is trying to get away from you, and it’s your job to take it down before it escapes.


You want to attack it in the eyes, but it’s tentacles will keep you from accessing it’s main body. Therefore, you need to destroy the tentacles, then aim for the sesitive parts of it’s body. Remember that Fire magic and attacks are effective against it and it is resistant to Ice damage.

Once the tentacles are down, some lizardmen should appear to attack you. Don’t worry about them as you should focus on damaging the Kraken. Soon the tentacles will return and protect the body, so you will have to destroy them again.

At higher levels of difficulty, both the tentacles and the lizardmen become stronger. And of course, the total hitpoints of the Kraken itself become much higher.

Subterranean Fortress

Minotaur – (Path A)
The Minotaur wields and axe and has some pretty powerful attacks, but is slow and telegraphs most of his moves. Just remember not to stant directly in front of him in the same line, as he’s got some attacks that go across the screen.

Use evasion a lot buy constantly jumping around behind him.

Lastly, be wary of it’s jump attacks, as they usually damage in an area around it when it lands. Also, it is weak to lightning attacks.

Gargoyle Gate – (Path B)
This fight involves a lot of enemies.

You need to destroy a gate that is protecting the entrance to a castle called the Gargoyle Gate. The gate is very tough, but you have some assistance in the form of Ballistas and cannons.

The gate raises itself periodically to spit out some enemies at you, and will slam back down to damage and knock back everyone near it. You can use spells and basic attacks on the gate to damage it further.

Just remember to use a torch to light the cannon whenever prompted to deal heavy damage to the gate. It will eventually destroy the cannon, but a replacement will be brought in before long.

Castle of the Dead

Vampire – (Path A)
This fight can be difficult or easy depending on whether you entered all the bonus rooms in the dungeon/level prior. If you did so then you will have a number of rescues girls with you that you need to protect.

In the biss fight you will be assaulted repeatedly by a number of sexy vampires. If you have the girls with you then you need to stand with them and protect them, as the vampires will periodically teleport behind them and start sucking their blood.

If a girls is completely drained, she will turn into a vampire as well, making your job harder. Try to avoid standing directly in front of them, as all of their attacks are frontal and just being behind them gives you a measure of safety.

Occasionally, the vampires will become aerial. Use jump attacks or ranged attacks to bring them down. Remember they are vulnerable to Lightning.

Wraith – (Path B)
When you first encounter the Wraith don’t bother fighting it, as you can’t hurt him. Move past him and attack the back wall of the room to find a secret passage. Head on through, and keep on running in the next area until you find a holy statue.

Have your torchbearer light it’s pyre and now you will be able to damage the Wraith. The Wraith has pretty straightforward attacks.

You can see them coming when it winds up its scythe for a cleave and will be able to avoid them if you react quickly enough. Just keep hammering away at it as fast as you can, because the statue doesn’t stay lit forever.

After a certain amount of time, the statue is destroyed and you need to start running again. Keep going and you should find more statues to weaken the Wraith with.

Ancient Temple

Harpy – (Path A)
Most of the Harpy”s attacks are close ranged and hit from the front so you don’t want to be standing in front of it idly. Beware of it’s dive attack, you’ll know it’s coming when it takes wing and flies back.

If you have a dwarf on your team, have him pick up the boulder on the side of the next and throw it at the harpy for some good damage. Aside from those, just be wary of it’s grab attacks, and for when it starts shooting feathers at you.

Medusa – (Path B)
You have the option of fighting Medusa in two different locations, and keep in mind that you need to end the fight as quickly as you can, or she will escape. Her snake minions can be a real pain, so try to use area of effect attacks that both damage the boss, and clear the small fry.

Her petrification attack can be pretty devastating, try not to get hit by it.

If you see her eyes start to glow, it means she’s about to freeze you and you should turn your back on her immediately.

Underground Labyrinth

Doom Beetle – (Path A)
For the Doom Beetle fight, the most important thing to keep in mind is to destroy the worms before they turn into mini-Doom Beetles and turn the fight even harder. The fight is pretty tough, since jumping around won’t necessarily make sure you avoid his assault.

Ranged attacks are quite useful in this fight, as getting close to the Beetle with all it’s wide ranging attacks is not a very good idea. Remember that it is weak to flame attacks.

Cyclops – (Path B)
In the cyclops fight you’ll be facing two gargantuan enemies at once. They share the same heathbar, so it’s a bit similar to the vampires fight. Most of their attacks are pretty slow, so you’ll have little trouble avoiding them. However, they all pack quite the puch, so don’t let them connect.

Especially potent are the jump attacks, as they also dislodge rocks from the ceiling that fall on you in addition to dealing heavy damage.

If one of the cyclops picks up a boulder, immediately focus fire on him, as you can make him drop the rock on his own head for heavy damage and a stun.

Forgotten Sanctuary

Golem – (Path A)
This boss fight is more of an entire boss level. You need to beat the stone golem at the end of the level, but it’s far too strong for you to face alone.

You need a golem of your own. Use the LFS (Life From Stone) rune magic to bring a golem to life at the start of the area, and escort him to the enemy golem, protecting him from bomb-carrying goblins and fire-breathing enemies.

Once the two golems face off, try to protect yours from the smaller enemies attacking, whilst simultaneously staying away from the sword swings of the enemy Golem. Pick up the bombs that the goblins drop and throw them at the enemy golem to damage it.

Arch Demon – (Path B)
This boss changes it’s attack pattern significantly over the course of the fight.

At first he will use some jump attacks that deal heavy damage and are difficult to avoid. Try to get behind him and attack his back, as he’ll have to waste time turning to get at you.

Soon he’ll start up on his magic attacks. It’s difficult to avoid these so just focus on reviving allies and trying to burn down his health bar as fast at possible. If he picks up and starts munching on one of your allies, focus your strongest attacks on him immediately to make him let go.

Near the end of the fight he will start to teleport around the room and slashing/grabbing at you. Try to avoid his initial swing and counterattack before he disappears again.

Old Capital

Wyvern Leader – (Path A)
In this fight, keep in mind that firstly, the wyvern leader does not have attacks that reach behind it, and secondly, most of it’s attacks have a significant windup time.

As such the fight becomes laughably easy if you make it start to attack you, then immediately jump behind it to assault it’s back while it’s trying to burn empty air. At some point in the fight it will summon a weaker wyvern to attack you but it’s pretty easy to take care of.

Try to bring it down quickly if it takes to the air and you should be fine.

Red Dragon – (Path B)
You run into the sleeping Red Dragon in the treasure room. You can choose to wake him up but don’t fight him here. Open up the door in the back of the room and proceed onwards. The dragon follows you to an area with a wooden box.

Break open the box to find a great shield. This is important.

Fight the dragon, and try to deal as much damage as possible as quickly as possible. Soon the narrator will announce that ‘The Red Dragon is preparing it’s fire breath’. Quickly pick up the shield and have your party stand behind you. Weather the fire attack, and the dragon will start advancing.

Back away from the beast until he stops near another wooden box and repeat the routine.

Mage’s Tower

Warlock – (Path A)
For almost the entirety of the fight, Warlock will be airborne, making him naturally difficult to attack. Ranged attackers will be effective, and if you can make him drop to the floor, do not hesitate to go to town on his ass.

You can predict which attack he’s going to use if you pay attention to the orbs of energy floating around him. Using this information, you can mitigate a good deal of his damage.

If you’ve got little ranged damage, then you’ll be forced to use a lot of jump attacks. In this case, be careful off the attack that follows when he calls his green orbs and get your feet on the ground.

Chimera – (Path B)
For the chimera fight you will have three targets to focus on, you can attack either of the Lion, Goat and/or snake heads (though i recommend the lion head). Each of the heads will attack at you, and each one has different attacks.

The Lion head shoots fire. It can shoot fireballs from its mouth at you or it can use a powerful fire breath attack that alights the floor of the room. The Snake head is another to watch out for, because it will spit venom at you that lingers on the spot it lands, making that area hazardous to your health.

The Goat head shoots ice and lightning, and it projects its attacks quite clearly. You may be able to avoid most of the attacks if you are vigilant, but make sure to keep hammering away at the lion head.

Lost Woods

Gazer – (Path A)
Gazer can be a tough fight if you don’t have the correct party for it.

If you have a number of ranged characters then just stay as far from it as you can and pelt it with your attacks. When he starts teleporting, you will have to move away quickly or he starts up on his attacks.

It gets tricky when you’re mostly melee, but is still managable. Just learn the tell to his most devastating attack – when he puffs up – and quickly move away from him whenever he’s about to unleash it.

The attack in question basically creates pillars of fire/lasers that shoot out of the ground around the Gazer. If you can avoid this particular attack, you should be fine. Try to get around the back of it and grind it down.

Killer Rabbit – (Path B)
This boss fight is pretty much a reference to the Killer Rabbit from Monty Python And The Holy Grail.

The rabbit is equally deadly as in that game, and just as difficult to hit. He’s very small, so it’s annoyingly easy to lose sight of it amongst all the explosions, but keep using large area of effect attacks and you should connect.

Try not to let him get close to you, as he has several instant-kill attacks so keep jumping around and keep your distance from it.

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