Dragon Quest XI Smog Boss Guide

Right off the bat in Dragon Quest XI, you will be treated to a special enemy type, the Smog who will not be defeated in a manner similar to other enemies. There are some strategies that go into ensuring that Smog can be eliminated, and our guide would help you with that.

Dragon Quest XI Smog

Although this entry has been called by many, one which benefits newcomers both in lore and concepts of the game, it is not to say that most will not be struggling in the opening hours of the game.

In the prologue itself, you are treated to a rather tough mini-boss who will not be affected at all by the standard normal attacks.

Smog Location
Smog can be found in The Manglegrove.

How to Defeat Smog in Dragon Quest XI
All physical strikes are useless against Smog because they are most likely to miss Smog and even if they hit, they do little to no damage whatsoever.

Therefore, to keep your party safe and survive through the fight, make sure you avoid physical attacks at all times.

So how do you actually attempt to defeat Smog? The answer to this is just one word i.e. magic. The other types of attack your character can perform, magic attacks are especially effective against Smog and will whittle his health down quite quickly.

In order to ensure that you are well equipped with magic attacks, you need to level up your character until he reaches Level 2. It is here, when he is able to learn the first very magical move Frizz.

Therefore, there is no point in taking on the boss without even unlocking the magic move in the first place.

Take on some smaller enemies; do not sweat it. When you feel like you are ready to use the magic attacks proficiently, go for it!

Once you have mastered the art of bringing down a Smog, you will realize that these mini-bosses will pop up quite frequently in the world of DQ 11, but then they will not be such a problem anyways

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