Dragon Quest Builders Challenges Guide – How to Complete All Challenges

Dragon Quest Builders Challenges Guide to help you complete all the challenges in the game’s four chapters.

Dragon Quest Builders offers you multiple challenges scattered across the game’s 4 chapters that players can take on. These challenges involve fighting enemies, completing puzzles, and fetching items. While not exceedingly tough to complete, these Dragon Quest Builders Challenges can sometimes be a little confusing.

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Dragon Quest Builders Challenges Guide

In our Dragon Quest Builders Challenges Guide, we have outlined how to complete each and every challenge in the game.

Chapter 1 – Cantlin Challenges

Defeat Three Dragons
You should be able to find these dragons on each of the three initial islands. All dragons are sessile, but have a couple of attacks at their disposal – a melee-range tailspin attack and a fire-breath attack. The idea is to place an evil idol near a dragon and let it deal damage while you maintain a safe distance.

Build the Cantlin Garden
In order to build the Cantlin Garden, you need a large room and these items:

Bench, x10 Flower, x5 Plant, x8 Water Block, Plumberry Tree, and Brazier

Once assembled, you should automatically complete the challenge. It is important to note that Plumberry Tree requires two complete nights to fully mature.

Complete the Hammerhood’s Grave
To complete this challenge, you need to go through the red teleportal, head to a minor island on the north, and speak with brownie. Once done, return to Hammerhood on the southwest edge of the blue teleportal arrival gate to build the required memorials.

Chapter 2 – Rimuldar Challenges

Fix the Roof of the Ruins
After heading through the blue teleportal, go towards the building with the damage roof and open up the chest. This should allow you to build the roof with appropriate material. Once done, open up the second chest and learn how to adjust little things.

Obtain Crown Goowels
You need to head through the green teleportal and continue to fish until you get a King Slime. Once you get it, simply defeat it in order to get the Crown Goowels.

Answer All of Thalamus’s Quizzes Correctly
Initial Area
In order to complete the challenge involving matching the rooms in the island with the Drohl Drifter, you need to create these items:

x1 Washtub, x2 Pots, x1 Cookfire, x1 Pot Plant, and x1 Torch

Once done, continue to shuffle the items until you get to see the blue flash. Once all items are placed correctly, get to the unlocked chests, keep the white/other blocks in storage along with the stone axe.

Blue Teleportal
After heading through the teleportal, you need to head west and plant the palm seedling into the prepared earth followed by getting the gold and a blue block from the chests.

Red Teleportal
After heading through the teleportal, head east of the Ancient Palace. Once there, you need to destroy the blocks heading from the centre to the left. You need to move the blocks so they instead point to where the 3 would be on a clock and get x2 evil idol and a red block.

Green Teleportal
After heading through the teleportal, you need to head south and place red/white/blue blocks into their respective color-coded slots in order to complete the challenge.

Chapter 3 – Kol and Galenholm Challenges

Defeat All Boss Trolls and Giantesses
In order to complete this challenge, you need to have a brilliant equipment and evil idols to help you out. Once you have everything at your disposal, find them at the following locations.

  • Boss Troll #1 – In the Desert, South of Base
  • Boss Troll #2 – Near the Fort, Proceed through the Blue Teleportal
  • Giantess #1 – Northwest Mountains, Proceed through the Red Teleportal
  • Giantess #2 – Southeast Mountains, Proceed through the Green Teleportal

Build the Spectacular Spa
In order to receive the blueprint, you need to head through the Green Teleportal and head south. Once there, you need to head inside a tunnel with metal veins. You should be able to find the chest inside the tunnel. From there, go through the Blue Teleportal and head north. You basically need to block the troll’s view trying to see a woman in water.

Obtain the Recipe for the Lyre of Slime Immemorial
You need to head through the Red Teleportal, head north to a cave, and block evil idol’s flames by placing a couple of blocks. Once done, head through the door and continue to follow the blue temple tiles while dealing with the Killing Machine and Hunter Mech. Guards. A little ahead, open up the chest to complete the challenge.

Final Chapter – Tantegel Challenges

Defeat Dragonlord Without Legendary Weapons
You can use Auroral Armour and Hero’s Shield – Legendary Weapons – during the Dragonlord’s humanoid form, but make sure to stash them before the end of the battle.

Find Sword of Ruin
In order to get the Sword of Ruin, you basically need to head inside the underground vault behind the Tantegel Security Sign and proceed all the way to the lowest level in order to find it inside a chest.

Give Verdant Vision to King Slime
Before you take on this challenge, remember that you need to have a shovel at your disposal. Once that is out of the way, it is time to get to work.

  • Slime #1 – South of the Initial Temporary Camp; Display a Milkblossom
  • Slime #2 – Northwest of Castle in Tantegel Moor; Display Daffodaisy
  • Slime #3 – Northeast of the Red Teleportal; Display a Coralily

Once done, you need to head over to the Dragonlord’s Island with diviner’s altar, x1 Milkblossom, x1 Daffodaisy, and Coralily. From there, head south to find King Slime and grant the Verdant Vision to him to get x3 Gingerbread.

This is all we have Dragon Quest Builders Challenges Guide. If there is anything else you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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