Dragon Ball Z’s Goku Is Now An Ambassador Of The 2020 Olympics

Dragon Ball Z's Goku is going to be one of the ambassadors of the 2020 Olympics, which are going to be held in the Japanese capital of Tokyo.

It’s been known for a number of years now that the 2020 Olympics are going to be held in Japan. And, with the Olympics being a good opportunity for the host country to show off its culture, Japan has decided to show off its entertainment culture by making Dragon Ball Z’s Son Goku an ambassador.

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Dragon Ball and its sequel series are known as one of the longest-running and best-known of the many, many mangas and anime shows that have come out of Japan. With its most recent series, Dragon Ball Super, having recently been dubbed into English after coming out in 2015, Goku is probably one of the best choices for ambassador of Japan that could be used for the Olympics, especially since he’s probably one of the most dedicated athletes in Japan’s manga scene (since he spends a large part of his life training in martial arts.)

Goku will be joining a variety of other 2020 Olympics ambassadors based on highly popular manga and anime in welcoming the international community to Japan, such as Naruto Uzumaki from the series Naruto, Monkey D. Luffy from One Piece, Sailor Moon from the eponymous series, and Astro Boy, one of the most time-honored Japanese animated characters.

The 2020 Olympics will be the first time that Japan has hosted an Olympic Games in over 60 years, with the last time the country hosted the Games being back in 1964. Originally the 1940 Olympics were supposed to be hosted in Tokyo. However, being on the eve of World War 2 and with Japan in the middle of invading China, the country had the honor taken away and given to Helsinki, before the Olympics were cancelled due to the war.

So, if you plan on watching the Olympics when they roll around three years from now, be on the lookout for some of your favorite anime characters in the meantime!

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