Dragon Ball FighterZ Zeni Farming Tips

Zeni is the currency of the world of Dragon Ball FighterZ. For this Dragon Ball FighterZ Zeni Farming guide, we’ll be showing you different methods of effectively getting yourself some quick cash.

Dragon Ball FighterZ Zeni Farming

Earning yourself a decent amount of Zeni will allow you to customize your game in various aspect. Considering how hard it can be to earn Zeni, you might get bored trying to unlock everything.

The first way that you can farm Zeni in the new Dragon Ball FighterZ is by playing the Story Mode which requires you to finish the story first. After that, there is an alternate way that for you to earn Zeni through the Arcade Mode which can be incredibly fast as well.

When starting the game, you can farm Zeni quite easily by doing stuff such as talking to the vendor who sells you different things in exchange for Zeni. You can also make 300 Zeni for each Tutorial Mission that you complete. After doing all of this, we can focus on some more efficient ways to make Zeni.

Farm Zeni Using the Arcade and Challenge Mode

‘Snake Way Course’ in the Arcade Mode is perfect if you are trying to farm Zeni. The course will only require you around 3 matches to complete it if you know anything about the Dragon Ball games.

When you finish the course for the first time, you will make 7,000 Zeni but that is not it, as you will make an additional 3,000-7,000 Zeni for any run on the course that you complete after the first one.


The higher your grade when completing this course, the better your reward will be. Also, do not forget the Combo Challenge, as it will get you 5,000 Zeni per challenge.

You can simply do the first few challenges of each character since they are very easy for even newer players to complete. Doing this will make you earn Zeni far more quickly than any other method.

Farm Zeni through the Story Mode

You’ll earn roughly 200,000 Zeni while playing through the game’s story mode for the first time on Normal difficulty. What’s interesting is, you’ll unlock the Hard-mode difficulty afterwards, which will make farming Zeni a lot easier.

Victory Zeni Up Level 6
During Arc-3, Map 15, many of the enemies that you kill will drop off the ‘Victory Zeni Up Level 6’ skill. You need to have at least 3 of these to make this method work.

Once you have them, go to the Level Select screen and play Map 13 from Arc-3. Do not forget to equip your brand-new skills and stack them over one another.

Farm Away!
After this, move over to the top of the map and farm the match against Goku, Yamcha, and Piccolo. This will net you 300 Zeni per match and the enemies will be very easy to defeat.

Any decent player should be able to win the match in under 2 minutes. Hit ‘Retry’ when you win and keep on farming the match for Zeni until you have had enough.

Any battle in Arc 3 works perfectly fine on Hard difficulty.

Just remember to get the ‘Victory Zeni Up Level 6’, as it can only be found in Hard Mode and will make you earn 5,000 Zeni match reward instead of 1,800.

Using this method, you can get the ‘Set for Life’ Trophy/Achievement in less than 200 hours.

That is, of course, if you are willing to be bored to death. Earning 300,000 and 500,000 Zeni will allow you to unlock special versions of Vegeta and Goku as well.

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